Friday, September 30, 2005

(I didn't give any story or anything away, but there's still a possibility of spoilers here)

Serenity was a great movie! I'd only seen a few episodes of Firely, so I only knew a little bit about the characters, but the movie does a great job at showing you who they are. Even if you don't know what they're like it shows their personalities so clearly (yet without overdoing it), that you can still get all the jokes and moods of everybody. Also the story was welldone too, so even if you never saw the series, you can still pick up on what the movie is about and such. The cinematogrophy was great as well. There were many interesting camera angles and special effects that didn't hinder but rather helped the scenes. Also throughout the movie there were many unexpected and unpredictable things that happened (including lots of jump scenes, so beware). The dialogue was very well written and thought up (as if they'd actually put time into, unlike another space movie we've seen *coughstarwarscough*) and the characters all had personalities (unlike another space movie we've seen *coughstarwarscough*) and although the visuals were great, they actually spent time on the story rather than making it an eye-candy CG movie (unlike another space movie we've seen *coughstarwarscough*). ..oh yeah, and also the acting was very good too (unlike another...yeah you know) So basically this movie owned and I recommend it to anybody who enjoys a lot of comedy, action, violence, and jumpscenes. ...and sci-fi. (oh and there wasn't any nudity, and the sex-jokes were extremely scarce so that automatically gives this movie a lot of happy plus signs. There was one scene where they were kissing and stuff was implied but ummm...nothing more than that)
It was thieves alright. Fortunetly they did me a favor This evening I got in my van to go to the store (where I am now) and where I once had a big blue tub between the front seats to set stuff on and store things in, I now how empty space. My first thought was, "Mom or Dad must've needed it for something". As I drove off my passenger door flew open. My next thought was, "..and they must not've closed the door". Then it occured to me that I had used the van just a couple days ago to load up some monitors from the store that no longer worked. I planned on throwing them away one by one because you can't take them to the dump. (because of the mercury in them). And since then my parents had only been home at Bible Study Thursday night so they couldn't've taken it. I went home and asked dad and sure enough they didn't take it. I checked out the van again and saw that the broken monitors were all gone. So I'm actually kind of offended that somebody would break into my ( mistake) van even though I'm actually glad that they took the broken monitors off my hands.

Now it's about time to go see Serenity. I hope it's not bad or anything. I'll be sure to cover my eyes or look away if it is though ^_^

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I'm kind of wondering if we had somebody snooping around outside last night. We've had trouble with burglers already, and last night dad and I were watching a movie in house #2, and when it was over he went back into house #1 to go to bed. I however have been sleeping in house #2 just because. So he went outside, turned the carport light off, and I assumed he went into the house to go to bed. A bit later (this was like 1:30 in the morning) I was in the kitchen and I heard something outside, so at first I thought, "hmmm, dad must be doing something" (because he's been working on the boat quite a bit, so maybe he was putting stuff away or something) but then I remembered that he'd already turned the light off so I thought, "wait...maybe it's not dad" and suddenly I heard the dog start barking at the front gate and then I knew, "nope, it's not dad, because the dog is barking!" and just a brief moment later I heard a car take off out in the street. I don't know what it was but I certainly don't doubt the possibility that it was thieves. or a thief. Anyway dad's planning on putting security cameras up and he's also going to fill up a full can of gas (because we've had that stolen before) and put it out in plain visibility for somebody to steal, but instead of gas he's going to put something else in it so that if anybody puts it in their vehicle it'll only be a few moments before the vehicle won't go anymore. That'll teach 'em to steal. XD

I wonder when Serenity is playing..

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's overcast and a little dark outside. Must be fall. I hope the weather is nice tomorrow because if we're going to wait outside the theater with a BBQ until Serenity opens, I'd rather not do it in the cold/wind/rain.

Dude, there are so many games out that I wanna get, but don't have the money for, and if I did I probably wouldn't get because I'd need to save the money for other things, and even if I did buy the games I probably wouldn't have much time to play them because I'd have a job which is where I would get the money, aaaaaand that's why I'm glad Christmas is coming. That sentence was 73 words long.

Now you need to look at these pictures I found on my computer from way back in the day

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Isn't it scary how fast our technology is improving?"

"Uhhh...I don't know."

"Well for example, take this new device they've invented..I hear it can instantly wipe a person's memory from the last 5 minutes to the last 5 years!"


"Yeah! Like somebody could just walk up to you, zap you with the thing, and you wouldn't remember anything that happened for who-knows how long! You could forget conversations, people, things you did, places you'd been, everything!"

"My goodness that is a bit frightning"

"That's what I thought. I mean what if somebody walked up behind us right this moment and shot us with it?"


"Isn't it scary how fast our technology is improving?"

"Uhhh...I don't know."


ummm...sorry I just felt like writing something so I made that up real quick. XD
Anyway, Gamespot gave my brother's new game a good review:

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Using one of those pricegun things is fun. It just feels good to be able to make something cost $999.99 or $.01. I drove a pickup today. I'd never driven one before. It wasn't much different than a van except the back doesn't have a roof and windows around it. I wouldn't want one. (well unless it could get me over the pass of course) It wasn't a manual though because I can't drive a manual. Well...actually I doubt I'd have any trouble doing it, I just never have before.

Anyway there's a lighted keyboard behind my desk that we ordered for somebody and at first I thought, "hmmm...that might be handy because then I could use it in the dark" but then I remembered that I know where the keys are already without looking, so a lighted keyboard would actually be kinda useless except to show off, but knowing the kind of friends I have, they'd probably say it was retarded and I'd probably agree. ^_^

My dad bought another boat yesterday because it came with a motor that he wanted and the boat and the motor together cost less then just the motor bought new. Plus the boat had sunk and so it was a little....Moses Lakey. But anyway dad's going to fix the motor and put it on our previous boat, and then I'm not sure what he has planned for the boat he just bought. Maybe redo the interior and sell it or something. ..oh and as I was cleaning the stuff out of it I found an unopened beer bottle. Don't worry, I didn't drink it. XD

Edit: Oh and just because you've probably never seen a check for 5 cents before..
Now you can.
(I'm pretty sure I have the coolest handwriting ever)

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corpse Bride was very impressive! Especially the piano scenes I really liked it. ..but I ate my movie ticket and it tasted like a Safeway receipt even though it didn't have much ink on it, so I'm thinking it's just the kind of paper they use. Fortunetly I had some gum with me to counter the terrible flavor. Anyway yeah, Corpse Bride was a good show. =)
Guess where I'm going at 2:30 today? Corpse Bride!! Woo. Fortunetly I happen to have just the right amount of money in my wallet at them moment so I probably won't have to borrow from Hugh.

Yesterday our church had a free car/hair/child care day and so I was washing cars all afternoon. bleh. It was kind of fun though since I got to hang out with friends but I got tired of cars and water. but then afterwards we went and played Call of Duty: United Offense and I completely owned one game. That felt good. (I would've won more but we only played for a couple hours and I had to switch off with somebody for a game or two) ( Jacob is way too freaking good at that game)

This morning I dreamed that there was an alarm going off but I couldn't find it and couldn't find it and then I woke up later and realized it was my alarm clock. It was a very aggrivating dream though.

..and now everybody needs to go watch this clip from the new Wallace and Gromit movie because it's completely awesome.

Oh and here's a picture of Hulk and Juggernaut that I drew the other day because I felt like it. It's a bit cartoony and painty (and by that I mean mspainty =þ )

And while I'm giving you pictures, take this one too. It's from a quizmeet long ago, but I thought it was kind of funny.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

It got so cold all of a sudden. Like it was in the 60s/70s or so and right now it's 46 outside, and later tonight it's suppose to go below freezing.

So tell me...what do you like not doing in the Winter? Make it interesting if you please.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

I reinstalled Myst on my computer. That game is so oldskool. I also found out that all the Quicktime files are stored in the folder so if you want to see the ending movies if you win or lose, you don't have to beat the game, you just go into the folder and open up the quicktime movies. XD

My mom said she was going to come get me at lunchtime because she had some work for me to do at the store but she never did so I played all day. *relief* Nothing looks good for jobs. I could work for a veterinarian person but it says "assistant" and so I'm worried that I'd have to see animals get surgery stuff if they got fixed or something and so that might make me faint. O_O well probably not but

and now it's time for me to go play Heroclix with myself. I hope I win this time.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

[talking about a videogame]Darren got X-men Legends 2 last night and so we played that until about 2:30 in the morning. Fun. Game. It's much improved from the last one. Like you can't fall off cliffs unless you actually jump off, and the flying it much improved, and you can turn on an auto-upgrade feature so that you don't have to stop the action to mess with characters all the time, and the whole game is multiplayer wheras the last one had spots where one person would have to wait while the other did something, and you can be the brotherhood of mutants as well as the x-men, and you can get more than just special four moves for each character, and it's basically just all around awesome!! I recommend it to any superhero/RPG lover. ^_^[/talking about a videogame] I suppose that's all.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Darren and I are going to play X-men Legends 2 today if Hastings has it. Knowing Hastings though, they probably won't have it yet, so we may just play Heroclix instead. Either way it's gonna be a lot of fun. We played some Heroclix yesterday and the day before. Monday we only had time for two games and I completely hosed him. It was great. ..but then yesterday we only played two or three games and he completely hosed me. It was not great. The same thing happened while at his house this weekend. Tekken 4, I beat him so many games it was ridiculous. Then we played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 the next day and he beat me so many games it was ridiculous. It's like we can't seem to both be good at the same time or something. *rolleyes*

My dog is making funny noises in her sleep. o_O

And now I'll write this:
When the sky gets darker too soon in the day
And the weather gets gloomy and cold
When you start to see your breath in the morning air
And the leaves on the trees turn gold

When there's frost on the ground
and there's fog all around
and the birds and the bees disappear
You know that it's coming and soon..very soon
You'll be getting out your snowboarding gear.

I can't wait! =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What would've been more fun than hanging out with Rosanne all weekend? I will tell you. Uhhhhh....okay I can't think of anything. It was pretty much the coolest.
Anyway that's all I care about posting right now. Maybe I'll get more creative later. XD

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm not excited or anything!! Nope nope nope! XD

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Do you find it a bit odd/frightning that one single guy in Moses Lake owns a cremation service, the Moses Lake Cemetery, and a health food store? I find that a bit spooky personally.

I downloaded the Age of Empires III demo, but I have yet to play it. I'm going to take it home tonight and try it out though.

I drove home Monday night with my parking lights on instead of my headlights. I didn't realize it until people started blinding me with their brights, and flicking their lights on and off and such. I kept thinking, "what the heck, are my brights on? because the blue glowey thingy isn't there but maybe it's broken or something?" so I turned my brights on and off, but nothing changed so I started thinking things like, "maybe my lights are just...not working?" because the parking lights weren't exactly shining out very far ahead of me, so it was a bit dark on the highway...Anyway I didn't figure out what was wrong until I got home. To switch my headlights on there's a knob that you pull out and one click = parking lights and two clicks = headlights. I accidently only pulled it out one click and thus.

Two daaaayyyyyyys!! (I hope Age of Empires III is really good because I'm really going to be trying to kill time tomorrow.)

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Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm playing Call of Duty on veteran (the hardest setting) and guess what...It's hard. (weird huh?). I'm the Russians right now and I'm trying to take back Red Square from the Germans. And I'm also thinking, I don't want to go to war in real life, because although in hardmode on this game, you don't get medpacks which makes things a bit more still get saves and continues. ...and you're still just killing fake people. In real life you get no saves, no continues, and you have to kill real people. ...and I'd like to pass up that opportunity if I can.

My mom told me today that there's a job opening at some animal fixer upper place that requires computer it's probably something like checking the animals in or something. I might go for it. hmmm..

I should probably have more to say. Oh well. 4 daaayyyyss!!!

Edit: ...and for some reason I can't view because it's blocked by Sonicwall. It never used to be so I wonder why it is now. Weird.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

My first (well second technically, but the first one didn't last long because she moved or something) piano teacher is staying in our other house. She moved to Tennessee about 7 years ago, so I rarely see her. ...and stuff. She's the reason that I can play X-Men on the piano though. =þ

Heh, I discovered the other day that Proverbs 20:1 talks about drinking and not getting drunk. I just thought that was funny because you can't drink here until you're 21, and it was in 20:1 and...yeah.

...and I need to fall down more. I'm getting a bit too soft when it comes to hitting the ground. ...but I don't need any outside help from Floyd. ¬_¬

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Aww, talking to a certain someone (who's name begins with a "z" of course) sure does brighten a guy's day, even if it wasn't very dark in the first place.
What? No no, you must not've heard me correctly! I mumble you know. I said, "I was walking, and being burned by the sun (unbeknownst to me of course). Sure was bright out today, even when I was at the park walking around the place."
Now I'm rather tan on my neck and stuff. errr...yeah. ummm..[distraction]HERE HAVE SOME PICTURES OF ME![/distraction]

Cleaning off my dad's desk
Uhh...Cleaning off my dad's desk...still

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I just have one thing to say!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Why did I get sick? I almost never get sick, but here I am like, "oooh, look at me I'm sick!" Ehh. It'll probably go away soon.

I think I could live completely off of bread and water. long as it's fruit, veggitable, dairy, and meat bread. Woo, that would taste kinda bizarre. I might call it Vegguitaireat bread or something. I'd have to have somebody else make it though because my cooking kind of has a reputation for flames?

I think my last post had the most variety of people that commented than any other post I've made. I was impressed. Even Pete commented, and he's never commented before! It was weird.

11 days.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Please post and tell me what is directly behind you at that moment of posting.

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