Sunday, May 29, 2005

My sunglasses broke yesterday. One of the side things snapped in half. I was quite dissapointed because it takes me forever to find a pare of sunglasses that I like, and this was one of them. So what I did was I took them outside and glued them back together with PVC pipe glue. XD It seems to have worked okay too. They could still probably break again if I'm not careful, but as long as I don't throw them around, I think they'll hold up. *whew*

Now I might try fixing my broken Heroclix figures with that glue too. Hmmmm.

Time to go to church.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Spring Festival is here, oh boy. bleh. I remember a couple years ago at spring fest when we were making the "How not to witness" movies, we did the one where Ryan tackled Leiv (pronounced "leaf") and witnessed to him using brute force, and somebody thought they were fighting so they alerted some nearby policemen, and by that time we'd finished filming, so we all got up and started watching our footage on the camera, and the police came running by looking for a "fight" but not seeing anything unusual. Finally they found out it was us and said not to do that anymore. And one of the cops was like, "You made me run for nothing!". lol. He was just kidding though. ...kind of.

hmmm. As I was walking outside the other day with my friend, I had a nice friendly guy in the backseat a thug-mobile stick his hand out the window and flip me off for no reason as he and his buddies drove by. I kind of grinned and semi-waved. I was really tempted to grab his finger as he zoomed by and have him be like, "EEAAAUUGGHHH!!!" in pain, but I thought of it about 2 seconds too late. XD They probably would've stopped and beat me up though if I did. It would've made a cool story though if I lived to tell it. =D

Now wasn't that interesting?
Quizzers will be here next weekend! Yahoo!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pete's home!! I saw him last night and he was....still Pete.
but we're going to have a LAN party this weekend and it will be a blast. hurhurhur..

My dad rototilled our front and side yards Saturday so now I get to level out all the dirt when I get home so we can plant grass. =\ But it'll be nice to have lawn there eventually.

I've got a piano recital in June. drrrrrr. I will be kind of relieved when I quit lessons. =P

And now I will write a poem, dedicated to the first person who comments on this post. It will be exploding turtle:

There once was a turtle
Who was caught by a man
The man had a beard
and a very bad plan

He took off his turban
And tied it to the shell
With an explosive quite large
To blow up quite well

Then he took the poor turtle
And told him to go
To find a tall building
And give it a blow

But the turtle was smart
He knew that'd be wrong
So he went where nobody
Could be hurt by the bomb

He went to a desert
And he sat there until
The bomb did it's thing
With no one to kill

Except for that turtle
Who gave up himself
To save many others
Letting them keep their health.

What a brave little guy.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

i wish I were having the most ridiculous arguement with zAny right now. even if I were just... WRONG. ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The quizmeet was fun, zAny was fantastic, becca was hilarious, hugh was the man, andrew was my hero, bethany was my sister, lori was skary, hanna had a guitar, matt merker was as great as ever and then some, mel had a guy friend and walked a dog, tiff got a haircut, cory wasn't there, kaitie was, and everybody else did some stuff. woohoo!

My little sister is walking around in a suit that has a white bunny tail on the back, a carrot tie, and she's wearing bunny ears on her head. It's funny. She's the White Rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland play and they are supposed to wear their costumes today. Maybe I'll get a picture later.

My flash drive broke yesterday so I have to buy a new one now. *sigh* I'll probably get a 500+ mb one. It'll be about $60.00. or maybe I'll get a $100.00 1gb one! Heh, I dunno. $100 is a lot though. hmm.

I ordered the first Thousand Foot Krutch cd for $4.00 yesterday though because my mom had like 4 free cds with the BMG music thing and so I only had to pay for shipping. It was great. I probably won't get it for about 10 days though. oh well.

My brother and his wife and new baby are coming over this weekend. Mwahaha, that'll be fun.

I would be leaving for piano lessons right now but my teacher is in Washinton DC at the moment. I'll probably quit taking piano after this spring though. I should be good enough now that I something. or nothing. I dunno.


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