Saturday, June 25, 2005

My bedroom door broke last Thursday night at Bible study. My friends and I were in my room and we didn't want my friend's younger brothers in there with us and so when they tried barging in, I quickly put my hand on the door and the bottom hinges broke loose. >_< oops. oh well, I don't care too much. My parents probably did but I think it can be fixed without to much trouble. It still kind of works right now, it's just a little stiff.

oh and my shiney plastic axe that I had my mom buy for me at the dollar store the other day broke that night too. I was sad. I expected it to brake sooner or later since it was a cheap piece of junk (a cool piece of junk though) but I didn't realize it'd be within a couple days of buying it. heheh. maybe I'll go get five more. ^_^

The guy that taught me to snowboard got married last night. His wife died from cancer about three years ago so he was glad to have a wife again. ^_^ He's pretty much one of the coolest guys I've ever known. =P and wow I just got blinded by the sunlight reflecting off a car as it went by. my goodniece. (I can say that now because I have a niece. heheh)

I was working on some music for the claymation vampire (comedy) movie my friends and I are gonna be making, yesterday. (we weren't going to be making it yesterday, but I was making the music yesterday. just in case you were confused)
...Anyway some of the songs were pretty lame but some were decent. like uhhh...
Vampire Haunt
Vampire Suspense
A Sad Vampire
Vampire Whatever
Vampires Eat Donuts
Vampire Shoes

(pay no attention to the stupid names XD )

oh and this one's just funny, lol
Vampire Chase2

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I watched National Treasure last night. I thought it was pretty good. My (older) sister had told me she hated it (don't remember why), but I kinda liked it. It's probably at least worth renting.

Anyway, here's a thing because I'm bored and have nothing to say.

I tried using wheels
I tried lots of wax
I tried in soft dirt
Even when it was packed

I tried it on water
But it wouldn't float
Even when I had it
Toed by a boat

I tried using jets
I tried it in mud
I tried it in gravel
But that was a dud

After all this I found
That a snowboard in snow
Is the only way
That a snowboard can go.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I haven't posted in practically a while. I moved our piano by myself the other day. I moved it out of our house and into the car port. It was heavy but I kind of love moving things that are like 6 times my size. Not sure why but I think it makes me feel more like a superhero. That's probably why I enjoy climbing onto our house roof and jumping off too. And lemme tell ya, few things are more fun than talking to zAny over the phone while sitting on a house roof and watching the neighbor's computer lights change colors in their window. XD

oh man, my dad bought a 600 dollar rototiller a while back but (unknown to us) it was broken when he bought it (you could run it but you had to manually do some stuff to get it to start....kinda ghetto). So he left it out in front of our house because the Sears guy was going to come look at it. ...and then somebody stole it. Like when dad got home the rototiller was gone, and there were tire tracks going across the dirt of our front yard (we haven't planted grass yet) along with somebody else's footprints. >_< (who steals rototillers anyway? I mean really!)

My older sister came over this weekend. We were in the mood to watch a really lame monster movie so we rented Boa. It was so pathetic it was hilarious. XD And we watched it with a projector on our house wall. That was pretty sweet. ^_^

I'm officially done with piano lessons. w00t. Now it's time to take up the BAGPIPES!! (j/k of course)

...and last of all, I want to make a movie about Robotic Undead Eskimo Zombie Vampire Bionic Cheerleader Grave Robber Things from Outer Space that roam the arctic in search of ham sandwiches.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

woo! My brother gave me a new reason to be excited about passing my GED test. He said he'd buy me any video game I want. ^_^ I haven't decided yet.

I guess we've decided not to move into the house nextdoor since that would be more work than is necessary. So instead we're kind of moving into our own house, in that we're setting everything up just like we would've in the other house, but we're doing it in our current one. (because they're basically identical but just opposite of eachother) Then the other house is going to be a place for guests to stay, and my mom is setting up her workspace there for her new job thing she's starting where she turns old jeans into new things like....jean skirts and stuff to sell. And then we still have both yards and the swimming pool which isn't like an olympic size one or anything, more like a giant bucket but it's still a pool so w00t. ^_^ ...oh and I think we'll move the piano into the other house too. I guess because we kind of need a bigger living room for Bible Study on Thursdays or something. Anyway yeah.

My friends and I are animating a movie about William Shatner wreaking havoc on a city with a giant robotic turkey. Beauty eh?

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I have Andrew's camera. I was going to get the quizzing pictures off of it, but even with my Turbo Memory Card Reader of Doom, I can't get them because his card is the tiniest ever and my reader doesn't have a slot for it oddly enough. >_< I'll have to get his card reader when I go to his house to see becca him and the quizzers this weekend.