Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What if the roles were reversed and snowmen were the ones that got to play in the skin as bones and body flakes floated gently from the sky, and they threw flesh balls at eachother and build humans.

Ewww that's gross.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sooooooo, there's a possibility that this dude named Christopher will be able to play my part thus allowing me to go to the meet. He was my character a year ago when they did this play in Quincy so he'd just have to brush up on his lines and such but yeah. There is still hope. =)

We have two showings this weekend that I'll be in though. I hope thing go spectasticly!
Okay so one time *use your imagination* and that's how it all happened.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to meet up with her two sisters and head for Spokane to watch The Lion King (the play, not the movie) at the uhhhh....opera house place. My aunt asked mom if she'd go and mom was like, "... The Lion King" but my aunt assured her that it's an incredible performance with amazing costumes and singing, and everybody that's gone has said the same thing so mom said she'd go even though it's a disney story. Little did she know, two tickets would cost her $150. waugh. Oh well she bought them, Bethany didn't want to go, and so I said I would. Three ladies going to Spokane probably need protection anyway, and me being the big manly guy that I am, I'm probably just the guy for the job. (HA! Yeah right, knowing that my mom is actually the hulk, I can't even imagine what my aunts are like when trouble comes. XD )

Anyway hopefully the costumes and stuff will make up for it being Disney, especially since we all know that Disney is the suck nowdays, what with their making Kronks New Groove, and Toy Story 3 (without pixar). zomg.

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More cards, more cards.

Tetris - ..because I felt like it

These are all Christmas ones. Not all are funny.
Bright house
Santa (heheh)
Houses + Scripture
Taking home a tree

Friday, November 25, 2005

You know what would be frustrating? If you became friends with a boomerang or a yo-yo or something and you were talking to them online. The conversation would probably go like this

Brian: Hey boomerang or yo-yo or something!
Boomerang/yoyo/something: Hey!
Boomerang/yoyo/something: ..oh brb..
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Brian: uhhh
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Brian: man you must be busy, eh?
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Brian: ...
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Brian: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Brian: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Brian: Yeah...I have to go now.
Boomerang/yoyo/something: brb
Boomerang/yoyo/something: k I'm back
Boomerang/yoyo/something: alright, well it was nice talking to you!
Brian: too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A story by Bethany
There once was a briefcase that turned into an old lady and she walked to town and was attacked by a shoe, and she and the shoe started a life of crime and they attacked a herd of armadillos, but the armadillos were way too smart for them and they had some cannons that launched water balloons filled with acid and ants, and they shot the shoe and the old lady and they both shriveled up and died and the armadillos took over the world and had guns and they took all the pictures off of peoples walls and ate them but there so many that they all died. The end.

Monday, November 21, 2005

There are some sweet pictures on here! (among other things)

Like check out some of the stuff in the galleries. Crazy!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

This isn't a crazy amount of makeup I know, (although it was weirder looking in real life) but since I've like never worn any makeup before (I'm waaaayyyy too manly) I figured I'd do something about it.

The 27 second movie (6.91MB AVI file - DivX required)

Yes. Here are some more cards I made.
Calendars - Anniversary or something
Crack up - You're funny
Doctor remade for the better - Sorry about accident
Epic Battle - Good Luck
Food - Happy Birthday
Island - Haven't heard from you
It's a boy - New baby
It's a girl - same thing only different
The Model - Good Bye
Bitten as a child - For Fun
Polevault - Congratulations
Rollercoaster - Good Bye
Snowboarder - Sorry about accident
Superman - For Fun
Tank - Thank You
Statue - Thinking of you
Thought Balloon - Thinking of you

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So now I find out that Josiah says he probably won't be able to do it after all

*sigh* this is getting very frusterating. If he can't do it I can't think of anybody else who can.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Talked to Mr. Man-in-charge and he hesitantly said that if Josiah can learn everything theeeeeeeen sure go ahead. So I'm gonna have to work Josiah like a slave driver to make sure he knows his stuff. ;) (you can all threaten his life if he doesn't learn everything ^_^ )

And now my face is covered in makeup and I can't take it much longer. I feel like clawing my face off. =)

Friday, November 18, 2005

This is what happens when I'm up at 4:00 in the morning trying to think up new card ideas. I come up with lame jokes like this:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Canoe who?
Canoe believe I just told this joke?

Knock Knock
Who's there?
A needle.
A needle who?
Aneedle little help thinking up some better jokes.

I laughed at myself because they were so lame. =P I was tired.

Anyway I talked to Josiah last night and he said he can probably play my part in the last two showings. I really hope it works out. I'm too young to die and not going to the meet would kill me, I'm sure of it.

Did you know that Bethany grew a bit? She just might hit 5 feet! She only has like three quarters of an inch left to go. (I think she might be taller than Aubrey now! *snicker*) but man if she hit 5 feet she'd probably go nuts with excitement.

aaaaaand yes.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

movie camera's still hosed. ¬_¬

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well waddya know, I made it to the store tonight because dad had me take some movies back. Sooooo here are my latest and greatest cards

Batteries - Anniversary
Bible Babies - New Baby
Dum Dum - I'm sorry
Error - I'm sorry
Generic FPS - Get Well
Hosed - Good Luck
Keys - Anniversary
(Yeah...TOTALLY didn't steal this one from Cory or anything.) ^_^
Perfect Match - Anniversary
Monty Python Referance - Get Well
Puzzle Pieces - Anniversary
More RAM - Late Birthday
Unreal Tournament Old - pwned
Wand - Birthday
It was raining this morning, and it's almost at freezing temperature. Who knows, snow may show up soon! And fortunetly I haven't been driving much so I may not have to worry about that like I did last year. (I hate driving on ice and stuff. If I had a little zippy car and a parking lot full of ice with nothing to run into, I might have fun with it. Otherwise blah)

Yesterday I made 6 more cards. I now have a total of 41 so I'll probably start selling soon. The card rack we have holds like seventy-something though so I still need to make more. *sigh* oh well, I actually do enjoy it, but it's just hard to think up new ideas at times. I mean birthdays were pretty easy but stuff like Anniversarys are harder. Anyway I'll try and get the new ones posted on here next time I'm at the store.

And hey look, there's another tiny mouse in front of Jazz's dogloo. I'm pretty sure she's made friends with them. ...this time, though, mom bought dog food that has a ziplock top so the mouses won't be able to get in. hmwahaha.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Just. Found. Out. Play. 9th. 10th. O_O

If I can't go to the quizmeet....I. AM. GOING. TO. DIE. I am not even kidding.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

We got our movie camera back FINALLY. I won't be sure that it's completely fixed until I actually use it for reals (or reels. ha. I didn't mean for that to be a pun). I wanted to make a movie I still have spots on my face (barely but still none-the-less) and so I guess I'll wait. I can plan out what to do in the meantime I suppose.

I was also trying to figure out how I could make a fighting game (like streetfighter 2 style) that could played on paper without dice but I don't think it'll work, lol. Hmmmph.

And there are two candybars sitting on the counter and I want to either eat them or smash them with a hammer (zAny's fault) but I don't know who they belong to or what they're for. Eating I imagine...but who gets to do that eating? I can only wonder.

Now I should go home and get the dead mouse out of Jazzy's dogloo. I watched her kill it last night through the window and I think it's still in there. Silly dog.

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I just heard Thousand Foot Krutch on a nonchristian radio station! Woohoo! I wish more radio stations would be awesome.

That's all.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I put my spider-man tie on my dog. She looked really funny. XD

Anyway I still have the chicken pox but I'm getting better. lol "I feeeel happyyyyy!" "I think I'll go for a walk!" I'm pretty sure I'll be mostly/completely healed up within the next week. ..and right now I really wish I had a bunch of buster keaton and charlie chaplin movies to watch. I'm just in that mood.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Haha, just kidding! It very possible/probable that it's the chicken pox after all. meep. So I may be out of communication for a while depending on how I feel.
Ooooooog. I just got sick last night. Like I even felt it all happen as it occured. I don't have chicken pox (lol) and I don't feel nauseus at all, but I've got the sensitive skin thing, the aching joints, the burning eyes, the occasional headaches, and last night I had the out of control shivering so I cranked the bedroom heat way up and managed to sleep (but woke up numerous times in the night). I had some reeeaaaaally weird dreams too. Like I can't even remember all the weird things that happened in them. =P

so anyway, krtdjhgnvukrudjhgnv.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

My older sister and my dad and I watched Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior tonight. It. Was. Awesome. I might go as far as to say it was even more exciting and intriguing to watch than Jackie Chan's older fighting and stunts (which I admire muchly). ..but that could just be partially because I've seen so much Kung Fu and this Thai stuff is a fresh new style to me. Either way though, it was incredible. Seriously.

I must give warning though...there was some language, you briefly see a guy's backside, there was one scene where somebody began to take a lady's shirt off and I skipped that chapter so I don't know what it contains, and then towards the end the fighting gets a bit gruesome (like you see a couple limbs get snapped).

Fighting and stunts were incredible though.

Friday, November 04, 2005

My mom walked up to me, held up five fingers and said, "We're leaving in two minutes!"

...that was half an hour ago. We're still here. XD

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I was up until about 2:00 last night making more greeting cards (which aren't uploaded yet, so I'll have to post them later) and then the night before that I was up until about 2:00 writing a song for Cory. I wonder if I'm more creative at night. =P Being alone in another house with no mom to wake you up in the morning and tell you that you aren't aloud to sleep in sure brings on weird dreams though. Because normally I would get awakened, thus interrupting my dreams, but lately I've actually been able to finish my dreams or at least wake up on my own and so I get to see the whole length of the dream(s) and they can be pretty weird sometimes. o_O

It's quite cold and rainy and windy and gray out today.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We watched Sahara last night. It's pretty good actually. It's got some creative/original stuff in it, which is refreshing for movies.
..and right now my sister is watching "The Bachelor". Eeeeeeww.

Anyway, ummm...uhhh,we..err..I.....uhhhh... Happy Birthday, everyone!! One time I swallowed a barbie bracelet.

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