Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Here, have a silly piano song I made.

It's a little sloppy here and there.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Snowboarding was excellent (a bit cold though..gwah) and I got a free helmet that my friend bought for me! Woooooo. It was a last year's model helmet, hence the normally $70 price was dropped to about $39, PLUS it was 40% off so we got it for turbo cheapness. Handy that.

My mom and I are going to North Bend today to get my sister's car which got hosed and then impounded. Hmmm. Won't that be fun. Time to eat.

Friday, January 27, 2006

well I finally got an unexpected interview with somebody from Home Depot and he said he'd keep me in mind. who knows, maybe I'll get an orange apron yet!

Other than that I have nothing interesting to say.

Here have a picture of me back when I was a sleepy kung fu master.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Download TUMIKI Fighters. It's a small game and it's completely awesome! It's like Katamari and sidescroller-shooter all in one!

Also download Torus Trooper. Don't mind the silly name, this game is also awesome. I'm currently on level 21 of the normal setting and it's getting INSANE!!

Also feel free to check out the other games on that site if you want. Those two are just the coolest ones I've seen but they aren't the only good ones.

Nation States update: Kaitie somehow jumped to 1st place in our region and Rosanne somehow jumped to 2nd! What the heck!? I remain in 3rd and both of Hugh's nations got knocked down to 4th and 5th.

Current Mood: Hungry Hungry Hippos
Current Music: Muse - "Hysteria"

Sunday, January 22, 2006

So today in church our pastor mentioned that he'd written "Spring Cleaning" in the bulletin (can't remember why) but he said he'd spelled it wrong. He spelled it "Serene Cleaning". And he said that was something that he'd had a bad experience with, but rather than explain it to us, he'd just show us..so he played a recorded movie from about 19 years ago.

It was of him. On Wheel of Fortune. Yes, that's right, our pastor was on Wheel of Fortune. O_O

So he was about to win this car, and he had to guess a word (two words with a dash between them actually) and he got to choose a few letters. So he chose his letters and this is what came up on the board:
S_R_N_ - CLEANING (the cleaning obviously had letters missing somewhere but you could totally tell it was "cleaning") and so he kept saying "..serene cleaning! ..ummm...serene...cleaning" and he was trying to think and then finally his time was up and it turned out to be spring cleaning. He didn't win the car. but he DID win about 15,000 dollars! Beauty. Everybody in the church was quite surprised, lol

Also I have the coolest sister in the world (you just tell her to make something for you and she does! It's incredible!) and I might apply for a job at a retirement home not far from here. I'm getting desperater and desperater. ^_^

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Behold, my mighty Empire!!

If you create your own nation, you may come live in the land of Sun Loving Snowboarders with me. It is in fact the most perfect place on Earth. ;)
Sun Loving Snowboarders
(password: hoser )

Draw lines in the blackness to direct the falling sand. Don't forget to try out the other tools at the bottom like the plants and such. (careful with the purple question marks. they'll hose everything.)

Falling Sand

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I just shot a rubber band at the kitty. It wizzed past her face. Now she's batting it with her paw. That is all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

dude. O_O pardon me while I sit and drool for a while. O_O

Athens Display
Allow me to share with you some of my wisdom..

*insert wise saying here*

..I hope you are richly blessed by these words. ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Here we go. My "lovely" songs. You'll have to pardon the singing now and then. It is me after all. ^_^

Alli the Pineapple

(I stoled the tune and some of the words from Lifehouse' "Blind" song. ..but it's not a parody)

When I was young
I had a pet named Alli
She was cute
And a pineapple too

I took her all around
But then one day
I tripped and fell
And Ally went everywhere

And I cried
I cried

After all this time
Well I'd really like to see her
Yeah I wish that she could be here
Well I might just lose my mind
'Cause I'd really like to see her
Yeah I wish that she could be here
'Cause I love you more
Than you'll ever know
And part of me died
When I let you go

Everyday since then
I must remember
She was cute
But a pineapple too

And though she's gone now
Well I still can see her
In my arms
"Oh why did she have to fall"

I cry
I cry

Zombie Sheep

Lost on a road somewhere
Car tire lost its air
No one comes around
Rain is the only sound

Why'd my cellphone die
I let out a sigh
Tired and cold and wet
I'm hosed I bet

Darkness creeping in
There's trembling in my chin
Who knows what's out there
Wanting flesh to tear

What did I just see?
I stare breathlessly
Figures moving 'round
Rain's the only sound

Something hits the car
Creatures near and far
Reach back and grab my gun
Preparing for the "fun"

I jumped out of the car
Night as black as tar
Upon the roof I see
Two bright eyes staring back at me

It was a big BAD ugLY
SheepIE zomBIE
Standing on my roof

And he had pointY frightNING
zomBIE teeth
That shimmered in the night

I raised my gun and blasted him
But then a whole bunch more joined in
Surrounded there was no way out
So I swung my gun and gave a shout


They ate me.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Last night I wrote/recorded a love song about having a pet pineapple that died, and this afternoon I wrote/recorded a lame song about having a flat tire on the road at night and getting attacked by zombie sheep. Both are very terrible and I like them. I will probably post them on here once uploaded (which means I'll need the other laptop first) but again be warned: Both are very terrible. (..and lame) ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

We have this new stripmall being built and there will be a Gamespot moving in there, so they're hiring. I easily meet all there requirements for the job, but it says there's a possibility of having to work weekends and holidays. That would kinda suck. I'd rather not work on Sunday and I obviously don't want to work during holidays. I don't know if I want to apply or not. herigjslrkgj.

Since Cory's taking a computer break for a few weeks, I guess it's safe for me to say TWO DAAAYYYS. =)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Woohoo! Habanero chips! I actually didn't notice that they were hot until I was sitting there for a while thinking, "man why are my eyes watering?" lol. They're intense alright, but I rather like them. I also realized just now that the ONLY thing I've eaten allll day was about a bag-worth of the chips, and about a liter and a half of mountain dew. lol, I'm the healthiest guy! =)

Well Pete and I finally beat Serious Sam and found out that the auto-save hadn't worked because at the beginning of the game a message pops up saying, "you don't have a serious sam game on the memory card. wanna create one, you hoser? -Continue without saving- or -OK-" (not an exact quote) and so last time we obviously zoomed through and accidently clicked continue without saving. elrk;gjsreg. Oh well we beat it and it was mindlessly fun.

So I was walking to the other house a moment ago in the dark of night with no lights on, and upon reaching the door, I got out my keys and began to search for the right one when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimse of something black moving by my leg. I looked and there was a large black dog standing right next to me! YIPES! As you can well imagine I jumped, but I wasn't in a panic or anything because I like dogs, so I just said, "hey you!" and then it turned and walked away. It was weird. =)
I turned in my application for Taco Time and they gave me an interview right away. I was not expecting that. I think it went alright though. Now Pete's coming over to play Serious Sam Next Encounter again and he's bringing some Tim's Habanero Chips. I might die, but I can't wait to try them and see how intense they are. If I can build up an immunity to them I'll probably be invincible! XD Beauty.
I believe I'm going to go down and apply for Taco Time today. I'm getting desprater. If I don't get a job soon, Hugh has threatened to baseball bat me or something.

And speaking of Hugh, he's probably gone to his first WSU class(es) already. I wonder if he's saying, "I miss video games. I miss my mom." yet. We played Settlers of Catan yesterday and Chris was winning due to stupid mistakes the rest of us made, so we kind of all ganged up on him, but then Hugh sneakily took advantage of that and won. Dirty hoser. I was gonna win. >:( Oh well it was his birthday so he probably deserved to win or something. But there were 3 cases of henry weinhart(sp?) sodas there so that was most excellent.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My watch is dead. It was working earlier tonight, but now it's just blank. Empty. Void of any numbers or dates. Soooo I guess now I'm out of a watch. I was keeping my "one that broke off from the watch-band" in my pocket but it fell out and I lost it. Maybe I'll find it again.

Oh well I'll probably just wear my watch anyway as a uhhhh....decoration or something. XD (besides I don't know what else to do with the red band holding the strap down)

6 DAYS!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Story Time!

Pete came over again tonight. This time he bought Serious Sam: 2nd Encounter which is a stupid (but fun) mindless FPS. We played for nearly 6 hours, and then finally when we were getting reeeaaaal close to the end of the game it froze on us. Consoles don't normally lock up, but occasionally it happens and it's reeeaaaally frusteratingfrustrating. We restarted the game thinking, "oh man we'll have to continue back at our last save" when we happily discovered that the auto-save hadn't worked (don't know why. mayhap a full memory card or something) so we lost all of our progress and would have to start back at the beginning. Hrmph. Naturally we said our substitutionary swear words and quit. Now it's 3:00 in the morning and I'm going to read some Essential Spider-Man and then go to bed. The end!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

woo. I just applied for a "Transportation Security Screeners" job at the airport which is like..2 miles away from my house. ^_^ Basically I'd just be checking bags and directing people I guess. Not entirely sure what all else I'd do though. The chances of me getting that job are probably slim but no matter. We'll see. =þ

(hey I just stumbled upon a filled box character: ■■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ heheh)
I met Pete (who is back in Moses Lake for a time) at blockbuster and we rented Gaunlet 2 and took it home and played it until about 2:30 in the morning. We beat it in about four hours and then began playing it through on hard. It's a fun game, but just too short. Now what would you have done if I didn't give you all this valuable information, eh?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight.
There's some diet pepsi on the counter that looks like normal pepsi so whenever I remember that it's diet I get disappointed.
Mom said we were going to do some house work today but so far we've all sat around and done nothing. It's fun.
Never mind she just got up. I'm doomed.