Monday, November 29, 2004

My dog caught a mouse and left it in her water bowl and it froze overnight. It was great X^D

That's all.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Last Monday I was at College Group at the church, and Hugh, and our friend, and I were going to go to Walmart afterwards. I got in my van and started it up and since it was raining I turned on the windshield wipers. Then I pulled forward, turned for the exit, and heard a terrible banging and grinding/scraping sound. Looking to the side, I saw that I had found the streetlight that I'd parked next to with the side of my van (I didn't see it before because it was a black pole at night, with water on my windows obscuring my view) >_< So I pulled into a new parking spot, got out and walked around my van. There in the side of the passenger door was a lovely large indent with scrapes all along the side. Gads. Suddenly I heard another loud bang. Looking up I saw Hugh had hit the pickup behind him when he backed up. I was quite upset about the van, but even so, when I looked up and saw Hugh hit the pickup I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the fact that we both hit something within a quick moment of eachother. *sigh* We ended up going to Walmart anyway. ^_^

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Monday, November 15, 2004

I watched Shrek 2. Freaking. Awesome.

I watched The Incredibles. FREAKING. AWESOME.

I'm going to buy it and watch it a BILLION TIMES. O_O

That is all.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Must see Incredibles. ...and Shrek 2. Theaters are too expensive.

And Metroid Prime 2 is coming out! Reeeaaaal soon, and I'm saving my money. XD

I was up all night until 6:00am last last (Wed.) night reading Ender's Shadow. I finally finished it, and it was super great. But I only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep (including sleeping in).

I wish I could make claws come out of my knuckles like Wolverine. It would hurt like a bandersnatch, especially since I don't have a healing factor, but it would be so cool! :þ I just have an urge to bust 'em out every now and then. Usually when I'm frusterated, or when somebody's bugging me. I'll just be sitting there and suddenly they'll hear a *snikt!* and look down and there glimmering in the light are three long claws coming from my hand. They'd probably get blood on my pants since they wouldn't instantly heal though. I probably wouldn't stab anybody, but it would look cool.

My dad gave me a The Cheat shirt, a Homestarrunner shirt (I just accidently typed a bad word there with "shirt" >_< ), a Homestarrunner bag to keep the movie camera in, and a Strong Bad hat, all for free. I was like "eh?" It was so cool. I guess it's because he's selling them at our store, and he wants me to advertise or something :þ

I finally watched The Birds the other day. It was awesome. The thing I admired most about it was that Hitchcock did not use background music through like the entire thing. All the suspense was built without it and for a scary/suspensful movie that is quite impressive. It really showed off his talent. He gets a gold star.

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Friday, November 05, 2004

Quick note: Reels About now has AoTL for download, as well as the teaser trailer for the sequal.
I was up until 4:00 last night reading most of the old stuff from Amber's website. I don't know why. It was quite entertaining though. If you don't know Amber (aka ladybug) (...or Amberachi), well then that's too bad. (She's sophisticated(sp?) now, you know, so I suggest you send her some e-mails consisting of lots of internet talk, smiley/emoticons, internet abreviations like ROLFFOLROFLROL!!!!111one and those ones at the end of your exclamation points.) Fortunately I got to semi-sleep in this morning. And best of all, there's a LAN Party today!! It's a 12 hour (haha, it'll probably be like 14 hours or something) long one. Turbo fun.

I really want to get Strange Brew. I saw a clip of it again from one of the Starwars Kid movies and it's soooo funny. I love just listening to them talk. Speaking of Starwars Kid movies, I made one the other day. I should send it to somebody on the internet and become really popular. :þ

When I was reading stuff from Amber's page (Amber's=possesive, not "Amber is page"), she had that alt code for this: ¡ stating that it looked like an upside-down ! but when I tried it, I accidently typed alt+0160 instead of alt+0161 and it just gave me a space. It was weird! So if you ever want to make a picture out of ascii on a message board or something, but it cuts out all your spaces (example:

|O O|
|  ^  |
| --- |

that one was really ugly but you get the idea) then you can just use alt+0160 and it'll give you a blank space to work with. Mwehee.

Van Helsing was cool. Read Cory's review about it.

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