Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A caution to Christians

Sin that's left unattended grows and spreads like a poisonous weed.

If you hold onto your pride, if you blame other people, if you try to hide it, if you make excuses and try to rationalize it, if you harbor it, if you deny its existence and don't admit you have a problem, if you work around it and don't deal with the issues, if you abandon your commitments, if you don't confess your faults, and if you don't kill the sin 100%, then it will get worse and worse.

The longer sin thrives, the easier it becomes for you to commit more sin. The more you make excuses, or cover it up, or deny it, the easier it will be to do those things in the future. Eventually you will twist and contort yourself into a monster. You will be prideful and drive your friends away. You will become hard like stone and nobody will be able to help you change for the better. You will blame everyone else for your problems. Issues will never get resolved. You will break people's hearts. Your kids will learn from your actions and your sin will spread into their lives as they begin to act just like you. Harboring sin will destroy their lives, and that sin in their lives will destroy your grand-children's lives, unless the Lord intervenes.

In the end it will always bite you back. "Your sins will find you out." Nobody wants to be friends with a prideful person. Nobody likes fake people who pretend to have perfectly happy lives. Nobody wants a friend who blames them. Nobody wants a friend who always makes excuses and justifies his/her mistakes. Nobody wants to be around a person who never apologizes or asks for forgiveness. Nobody wants to be with a person who won't follow through with his/her commitments.

Always strive to kill the sin in your lives. Take on the embarrassment, let go of your pride, stop making excuses, admit to your faults, and change who you are. People will love you and respect you. Your children will learn to do right and their children will learn to do right.

And remember--the longer you wait, the easier it will be to keep putting it off.....and the more it will poison you and everyone around you.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Latest Comic - "Saving Planet Zor'rok"

My latest comic.
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"Saving Planet Zor'rok"