Friday, June 30, 2006

I dressed up as a pirate for the VBS BBQ yesterday because the theme was SonTreasure Island, so it was all sailor/piratey. Since I didn't actually have a pirate costume I just used stuff that we had around the house. Turned out okay if I do say so myself. ^_^

Arrr 1
Arrr 2
Arrr 3
Arrr 4
Arrr 5

EDIT: Some asians came into the store not too long ago. I want some asian friends! How come I'm not friends with any? I like them. Rosanne, when I come to WSU with you, we need to make some asian friends, okay?

EDIT 2: Ozzfest is creepy, dude. o_O

Thursday, June 29, 2006

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just watched the Spider-Man 3 trailer!! I had to refrain from bouncing up and down in my chair at the store!! AWE. FREAKING. SOME. *dies*

(also, this looks like a SWEET game.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, today I stopped 1 thief and 3 muggers, saved an old lady from falling to her doom, stopped a runaway car, saved a f*reman from getting crushed by a building wall that came down, and helped a little boy get his balloon out of a tree. ...and I still had time to eat lunch! =D
"55. I think Brian is cute. As in Bridges. Ok…that was a weird, awkward moment. Moving on." -somebody

Monday, June 26, 2006

My gosh, this was a fun weekend! Rosanne and I went to a gazillion parks (or maybe even like 3 but 1 was numerous times), and watched a bunch of movies, and made a Manly Sandwich of Power™, and had lots of pineapple, and rode bikes, and broke one, and Charlie was a weirdo, and I ate a pork and basil leaf sandwich, and a basil watermelon sandwich, and a disgusting dried tomato, I read knitting for dummies, and got a creepy muscle shirt, and had to ride a frightening bus home, and it was all ummm..yep. Pretty great. I'm rather fond of that girl.

However, before I gross everybody out with my romantic stuff ummm...oh drat, I don't have anything else to say.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay, fast internet at Rosanne's house, so here's the Father's Day pictures. Beauty.

Beer Head
I really did this! HONEST! XD
Ran into Kristen and dropped the cooler. Ooooops.
Imitating the creepy lady
Gator Hat 1
Gator Hat 2
Gator wants my hotdog! =O
I'm a Giraffe
Leaning back
Me and my pwnin' nephew 1
Me and my pwnin' nephew 2
Me and my pwnin' nephew 3
Nervous of the creepy lady
I'm actually a roman soldier.
No, I'm actually a viking!
No, I'm actually a uhhh..what is that anyway?
Prancing Silver Unicorn

Right, well. That's that for that.
Pure genius, I say!

"The above link takes you to a site where you input a web address. Enter any site you'd like, and then hit "Play webpage". Thanks to the magic of Javascript, the site will generate a music file based off the webpage's html.

Because of this innovation, everyone who has ever made a webpage has made a piece of music, thus making the internet the world's largest band.

(if you aren't using IE, I think you'll have to save the file and play it in a midi player)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

!!! The Prey demo is out! I might have to go to the store and download it. =D (although I won't be home all weekend..hmm..maybe later) but woo!

So my dad bought a new van for the store, and he said he might give me the van I'm currently using (heheh, woo...hoo?) and so I've been thinking of a name for it, because I can't keep calling it the Chi-Mo van. (the name that ben gave it. you don't want to know.) So I've been thinking maybe something like Van Halen, or Victor Van Doom, or Van Lee, or Van Glockenspiel. Oh man, so many choices!


Edit: Gamespot Newsletter Entry:

Apparently there are some folks in Hong Kong that simply weren't willing to wait around for the DS Lite. Taking matters into their own hands, thieves stole $2 million worth of product that was intended for the pending June 23 UK launch of Nintendo's revamped handheld. Nintendo has made assurances that the loss, which translates into more than 15,000 DS Lites, won't affect availability of the system when it finally does drop in the UK. My question is, why did you guys steal the white ones? If you're gonna thieve a bunch of DS Lites, steal the European-exclusive black ones!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well yesterday I hosed my pencil marks. What a relief, heh. It was a little odd seeing myself look so blank after two-weeks, but I can't say I miss it. It wasn't exactly the most attractive thing I've done. ^_^

Anyway here's the pictures from the last two weeks. It wouldn't grow all the way down on the sides. Lame. Ah well. =P

Day 01
Day 02
Day 03
Day 04
Day 05a
Day 05b
Day 06a
Day 06b
Day 07a
Day 07b
Day 08a
Day 08b
Day 09a
Day 09b
Day 09c
Day 10a
Day 10b
Day 11a
Day 11b
Day 11c
Day 12a
Day 12b
Day 13a
Day 13b
Day 13c
Day 13d
Day 13e
Day 13f

Well that's that.
We went to Leavenworth today for Father's Day and I have a few pictures of me from that, but I don't want to upload them on dial-up 'cause it'll a while, so maybe next time I'm at the store.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Trying to figure out radiant which is basically a level maker for quake III, jedi something-or-other (can't remember which one, heh), or in my case: Call of Duty. It's pretty simple, but I have yet to figure out how to compile a map to make it playable. drrrr. Think I might have it now though. soon I will be making Call of Duty levels galore! ...maybe. *ahem*

Something happened to my van. There's a new dent in the back left corner. At first I wondered if the trailer hit it while I was backing around a corner or something, but I think it's too far up, I think I would've heard it hit, and Jacob can see back there so I imagine he would've told me. I think somebody must've hit it and run or something. I don't know. At least it matches the other dents in that side of the van, heheh.

My mom says that when I was a kid I would climb into their bed every night without them knowing, even when they got the water bed. ..and my mom is a very light sleeper, able to wake up to nearly anything. Am I a ninja?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

NOOOOO!!!! I wanted them to make an iWii, not an ibox!! =O

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gosh, I want to shave. =P These pencil marks are killing me. They look so stupid! Fortunately I only have to go until around uhh..Saturday? Because I'm going to some church in Cashmere on Sunday, and you can be sure I'm not going looking like this, lol. Weh.

The other day I had a liter of Mountain Dew and I was thinking that it tasted different than normal...and not necessarily in a terribly good way..and so I looked at the ingredient listy thing and it said it only had 31 grams of sugar. There are 46 grams of sugar in a 12oz. can. Why would the liters have less? That's weird. ..and I don't think I like it quite as much. Hrm.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I just walked about 7 miles in the drizzling rain, and now I'm cold and wet. ISN'T THAT FASCINATING!? O_O

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Holy cats and dogs, we're getting some hardcore rain right now! It's like turbo heavy and the roar on the roof is really loud. Thunder and lighting too. Beauty.
I've decided that if I ever own a boxer dog, I'm going to name him Muhammad Ali, or Joe Frazier, or George Foreman, or Mwike Twyson (if that one, then I'll train him to bite off ears)!

..furthermore, I decided that if I ever had my own basketball team, they'd be called The S.W.A.T. Team and their primary focus would be on swatting the ball out of the air. Oooooooh.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I can hear our neighbors mowing the lawn and it sounded like he/she just ran over something. No meow so I don't think it was a cat. I think we're making a lego movie tomorrow. Wonder how that'll go. Wonder what it'll be about. Hmmmmmmm..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thrice's "Like Moths to Flame" and Chevelle's "Forfeit" song both have parts with the same guitar, same notes, same timing, and just a slightly different rhythm. ...just uhh...because I know you were wondering. ^_^

In other news, I'm a half-failure at wiring because I don't actually know what I'm doing. =(

And in still other news, I have the greatest girlfriend EVER.

And in even more news, I don't want to work tomorrow. I wonder if we will..I bet we will. We'll probably have to mow ms. acre lady. ^_^

Current Music: Project 86 - "Chimes"

Monday, June 05, 2006

Okay well lets see...Prom was better than any dance I've been to probably because I was actually good friends with my date this time, heh. Aww zAny. I won't give you a million boring details, but I'll give you some highlights I suppose.

Rosanne picked me up, we went to her house, got suited up, went to Pia's where everybody else was, and then we all headed for Ten Mercer, a semi-fancy restaraunt in Seattle.
Some things that happended there: Kaarin had forgotten her camera, and thought it was in the car, so her and Rosanne and I walked back to the car to find it. While we were there, Rosanne spotted a nice young man about half a block away at a motel standing there staring at us. ...actually it was a dude with a really creepy mask on, and her and Kaarin started getting all creeped out over it and I was like, "it's just a guy with a creepy mask" but they were being all silly and scared, lol. Then I looked over and saw that he wasn't staring at us anymore, but he was walking to a nearby room holding a knife up in the air in a stabbing stance, lol. I was like "oh look, now he's got a knife!" and that's kind of when we headed back to the restaraunt because the girls were like "!!!" heheh. It was weird. We didn't find the camera though. Then at the restaraunt uhhh...lets see, I made a paper airplane out of my name-card thing that told me where to sit, and my Boutonniere began to die since I'd been stabbing it with a needle earlier, so I put one of the flower pedals in my water and set a french-fry on it saying it was his raft.

And ummmm...not much else happened there I guess. Then we went to the Rose Garden near the zoo, and we saw a peacock. We took pictures there, nothing too exciting.

Then we went to the Aquarium where the dance was held, and it was kind of lame actually. It was cool to see all the fishes though. And we saw a giant octopus and a tiny octopus, both of which we pretty sweet. Dance music still sucks, heheh. Then we went back to Pia's and did some Xbox Karoake. I sang to Bohemian Rhapsody. Do you know how hard it is to hit some of those notes!? lol

That was abooouuuut it for stuff you might care about, I think. Excellent weekend though. I don't have pictures, but I'll try to get some from Rosanne or something.
Edit: Oh, but here's one from her LJ.

Pencil Marks: Hosed what was there, and now here's day #1.

Here are some Tux pictures I took before prom.

Edit: Oh, and here are some highlights from the District Champs meet a while ago..

And that's that.

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Current Music: Chevelle - "Forfeit"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tux Time™!

*scampers off*