Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I'm well again.

People are dumb.

Send me money.

That is all.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Being sick is dumb. I've had a fever lately. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This morning my mom was threatening me with stuff in order to make me get up, and so while she was in the other room running a noisy hair dryer I rolled off my bed and slid under it with my pillow and stuff and if you could see my room you'd see that it's so messy that you wouldn't be able to find anything in there including a body under the bed. For some reason mom was kinda mad (I think she was in kind of a bad mood) but at least it bought me some more time to sleep. :-D

And while I'm talking about sleeping in odd places...I've got a couple other funny storys. One is just that I slept on a pool table while at a Snowboarding youth event with my church...but the other one is super great...*ahem*

It was at OGN (operation good news) (another youth event that's all about street witnessing) and in our rooms (staying in dorm rooms) there were these cupboards that weren't all that big. I fit in one if I scrunched up. They were about 5 feet off the floor sitting on top of a bigger cupboard that was more like a small closet. Both the top and bottom cupboards had sliding wooden doors.
Anyway, I decided to sleep in the top one the first night. My youth pastor and some other guys were just next door and I had 2 of my friends sleeping in the room I was in.
I was scrunched in that cupboard trying to sleep for quite a while....it was about 2:30 in the morning when I finally decided that I probably wasn't going to fall asleep like that, so I opened up the sliding wood door and sat with my sleeping bag feet hanging off the edge. Then in the dark dark room I kinda...hopped of the edge to the floor. Unfortionatly it was further of a drop then I remembered and so my feet kinda went back and *BAM* I kicked the sliding door of the bottom cupboard out of it's place and *BAM* it fell out and hit the back of the cupboard wall and *BAM* I hit the floor in a very loud heap. We were on the second floor of the dorm so it wasn't a muffled thud.
I quickly staggered to my feet and jumped into one of the beds and pretended to be asleep.
In the morning I told my youth pastor about the entertaining night I'd had and he said, "ooooh, so that's what I heard at 2:30 in the morning!

It was kinda funny.

Okay I'm done.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hey if anybody wants to post in my blog as me, my username is {insert name here} and my password is ******** so feel free.

Piano lessons today. Wish I had enough money to buy more heroclix.

Doodles. ¬_¬

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Rubber ducky in my soup
Plopped right in and went kerploop
Called the waiter he said, "so?
Eat that ducky, alright, bro?"
I said, "nay, I shall not pay
until I get new soup today"
"Blast" said he, with a rising voice
"Fine, be that way, it's your dumb choice"
"I shall" I replied, "now get me more"
"I'll get you soup and soup galore"
Sounded good to me, I waited some
Then he came along, and being dumb
he took that soup and dumped it on me
it covered my face, I could not see
it leaked down to my feet and I was wet
"Aha! Satisfied now I bet?"
That blasted waiter, I'd make him pay
But there was nothing I could say.

The end.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

I got a free 22 rifle from my uncle a couple days ago. That was kinda nifty :-,

My shoes are wet.

Friday, January 16, 2004

I'm tired. I just got back from bustin' out some music with a couple of my friends. It was fun. Now I'm tired and I'm supposed to go somewhere tonight. Bleh.

My vehical was stuck in the snow today. Took about half an hour before it got out. *sigh*


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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Man. I'm hungry again. I haven't eaten lunch today either, but....I had cake for breakfast, and that was about 12:00(pm) so ummm....maybe I just didn't eat enough. Dinner will be soon. I'm sure I'll make it. Meh. There will be kids in my room tonight for bible study. I'm gonna have to clean it up (meaning I'll shove everything to the side and call it good). *sigh*

HEROCLIX PWNS MY SOCKS OFF!!!! I'm on a heroclix buying rampage. I would buy all Hastings offers of them if I could. Well I would if I could but I can't so I shan't.

I have writing on my arm/hand. *observes* It says all sorts of jolly stuff....chick magnet...kung fu...Mmmm pie....bacon makes me sexy....and a triangle. Fortionatly I have long sleeves on.

If your brief case is long, can you call it brief? What if it was a boxercase... Is there a debriefcasing room? I wonder....

Somebody get me a blog where you can comment on my nonsense. That way I can get foodback from others who don't care and don't read my posts and would rather be Hawaiian hippies and ride bicycles. Maybe feedback will make me less hungry.

...which reminds me...

How many kids with ADD does it take to change a light bulb?
I dunno

I love that one


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I haven't eaten lunch yet. meh.