Friday, March 23, 2007


So I was online just doing stuff, doodeedoo, when a message popped up from Kristen's friend Jeremy. Apparently I was logged in as her. So we started talking and he randomly sent me to Now at, they have items on the front page on sale, which are switched out each day...but today they were switching them out like each hour or so, and there's a bar down blow that slowly dwindles, letting you know when the sale disappears. Anyway, on the front page was a 256MB ScanDisk mp3/wma player with radio, voice recording, etc. and it was only $10 (plus $5 shipping)! I've been wanting an mp3 player but not badly enough to spend any money, so this had my attention. I browsed a few reviews and they all said it was a good player so I bought it because the time was running out.

So we'll see what happens. If I hate it, I suppose I can sell it for at LEAST $15. =)
..and in the future, I should be more careful about talking to Kristen's friends.


Elysian said...

My brother gets so much stuff from woot, it's ridiculous.

I still don't mind getting left-overs though.

10 bucks! NICE.

Jay Logan said...

scrap $10,shoot for $15-$20....