Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aaaahhhh! They fell in love in Destinos, and she's wearing this disturbingly translucent shirt, and they're like kissing and touching, and all the characters are so creepy, and now there's a freaky clown, and I'm getting really nauseous! Save me!!

Woohoo. Gee, I hope it's as great as the last one.[/sarcasm]
Here's another clip.

EDIT 02: I'm watching the episode before last of Lost. John fell 8 stories, landed on his back, somehow survived, and ended up with a bunch of cuts and bruises on his face. Ummmm?? He hit his face by landing on his back?


Father Cory said...




Sir Brian The Manly said...

It's a Spanish soap opera. Yikes.

Elyse said...

At first when I read this post I thought you were talking about last night's Lost. But I don't think there was a clown. Last night's episode was STUPID. Like more stupid than the whole "kate/sawyer" thing.

Well, he broke his back... Brusing and stuff happens around areas that are injured. I'm not sure about the cuts though. lol. But a week after my ankle surgery my whole leg was blue and swollen. They were drilling holes in my ankle, which is a creepy thought. But see? Serious injuries can cause bruising in unexpected places! =)

Father Cory said...

Doesn't look all that bad. A little over the toppish maybe.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Elyse: Maybe. But I still don't know how he didn't get completely smashed. =P

Reverend: I hope it's not as over the top as the last one.

rosanne said...

Holy crap destinos is the most...gah. have you seen the vegetable faces one yet?

And now you finally understand the true significance of: (look) "Bueno."

AND don't even bother getting excited about the last episode of lost. Like elyse said, holy crap. worst episode ever.

Father Cory said...

"Reverend: I hope it's not as over the top as the last one."

That's what your parents said when they found out your mom was pregnant with you XD

Sir Brian The Manly said...

zAny: I don't believe I've gotten that far. I'll be sure to not look forward to it. ;)

Reverend: HA! Ow.