Sunday, March 11, 2007

I was...tagged. O_O Well the tagging stops at me because only YOU (or I) can prevent forest f*res and internet survey thingies. I'm required to name the 5 things that come to my mind when I read these words.

1) Cory Miller

2) Hugh Jackman

3) Tom Hanks

4) Tom Cruise

5) Jimmy Stewart


1) Meal

2) Gilmore

3) Jazzy-mina

4) Pie

5) Explosions


1) More Explosions

2) God

3) My right hand

4) Muse

5) My brother


1) Bill Clinton (o_O)

2) Adventures In Odyssey

3) White House

4) Money

5) Boring


1) Pizza

2) Hamburgers

3) Moose

4) Lettuce

5) Grape Gravy

I don't have an explanation for all of those, they're just what came into my head, lol. *ahem* I really really really really really really really don't feel like going to school tomorrow. Oh well, only 3 more days left. Too bad Spring Break is so short.


Elyse (aka Alfredo) said...

Spring break is too short. We should file a complaint with the state and demand that they make it at least 2 weeks long.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Okay! =D