Saturday, March 17, 2007

So on the way here tonight, I was just driving along, lalala, probably singing really loudly to myself seeing how high I could get my vocals without breaking or sounding girly, when I suddenly saw some red and blue flashy lights flick on behind me. So naturally I pulled over, but so did the red/blue lights. "Sweet jumping junipers!" I'd never been pulled over before and although I had an idea of what I'd need (Drivers license, registration, proof of insurance...something like that?) I'd never had to get those out before, so I had no idea what they looked like or anything. I wasn't panicky though, since I couldn't think of anything I might've done wrong...but anyway, I rolled down my window and waited a bit. Then I looked in my mirror and noticed that there were some headlights behind me...and then the flashy blues and reds! There was a car sandwiched between me and coppey! So I waited a second longer, saw copper-man get out and walk to the other car's window and thought "*whew!* It wasn't me!" Then I cautiously turned my van back on and got out of there, heheh. So although I have still never been "pulled over" I do know what it feels like. =)

EDIT: I also found my Jones Soda candy tonight! Totally forgot about it and it wasn't even empty yet. I'd better start eating it again.


PassiveAssassin said...

Dude, that wouldn't have been your first time being pulled over! Hehe, just the first time being pulled over when you were the driver. ;)

Remember the late night trip back to the Computer Place with the TV in the back of my car? And that stop sign I didn't see?

And remember the point during that Michigan fishing trip when dad thought the speed limit was 70 instead of 55? Ouch!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

haha, oh yes, the WSU fan that pulled us over and didn't realize we'd stolen a TV. =)