Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've done away with my Lifetime Wellness class and I'm going to play VOLLEYBALL! The LW teacher was a loon! He had a dash of jerk, a hint of perv, and a sense of hard-to-like-ness about him. And he had no life outside of school stuff. I seriously don't know how Kristen lasted through that class.

Volleyball won't be the same without Ben and Pete though. =(


shark like a fox said...

a "dash"? a "hint"?? a "sense"????

i guess you weren't in the class long enough....i.e....more than 5 minutes???

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Well I personally never actually heard him call anybody fat.

Alfredo said...

VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you take a video of that and upload it to youtube? I can't see you playing that. Volleyball is fun, I'm pretty bad at it though.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

You mean to say you can't see me diving through the air and landing on my stomach just to save a ball, or leaping into the air with my arm high above the net to spike it, or bicycle kicking my serves and landing on my back?

I love it. =)