Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here are some shots of the Penny Arcadenites getting hosed. I only care about my brother and his victim...I mean Amber..*cough*..since I don't even know anybody else and none of them are nearly as cool as he is anyway. =)

Look at the evil expression on his face. He's so menacing!

She was probably like, "Ha! You got nothing."

And he was probably all like, "Death's comin' for ya!"

And she was probably like, "*yawn* whatever."

And then he made the serve that destroyed her, but we can't show the results because they're too graphic for this blog.

He apparently let her live though, since she managed to make a comment here last time I talked about this. How did she get here anyway? Am I really so popular that webcomic celebrities read about my life? errr...I mean of COURSE I'm that popular!
(I wonder if I can get her autograph...)

Anyway, if you're interested, all the pictures are here.


Amber said...

I'd like to say it really was just one serve that destroyed me, haha. Your brother was a gracious opponent, even rallying with me afterward while I tried to figure out how to return the absurd amount of spin he manages every single ridiculous time.