Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, fellows, Elyse The Keytar™ is officially on ebay. =\


EDIT: Keytars are in high demand right now! I got mine RIGHT after Roland quick making them, and I got mine for like $525. Recently I saw an Ax-1 (same as mine but red) with less accessories than mine, go for over 900 with like 37 bids. All the Ax-7's are over $1000. Within an hour after I posted mine on ebay, I had two people requesting me to let them take it right away. One lady offered to drive over from Spokane right now and pay me in cash. =D

SO, handy idea...if you want moneys, try buying a sweet item RIGHT when it goes out of production, and then wait for the demand to go up and sell it for uber moneys. =)


Alli Easley said...

just give it to me ok fine jeez

Sir Brian The Manly said...


*raises shields*

*defensive maneuvers*