Sunday, June 01, 2008

So I was walking through the desert wastelands of Moses Lake today, armed with a wooden fence post I found, and these were some of the encounters I had...

  • A train track
  • Some old smashed cars
  • A small dirt d*vil that passed right through me (or over me if you prefer)
  • Some bees
  • These two freaky giant birds with foot long needle shaped beaks. They must've had a nest because they kept flying right at me making weird noises. It was fascinating and kind of freaky. Never seen birds like that before. It was like this...
  • A giant ant hill
  • Some unidentifiable objects
  • A large perfect circle of rocks piled up for no apparent reason. What the madness? o_O
  • A barbed wire fence that I somehow ended up behind with a sign that said no trespassing. Not sure how I got behind that but I had to crawl under to get out. =P
No deadly poisonous snakes this time. Too bads.

P.S. I also found some teeth. Might've been coyote or something. But they were still connected to the jaw. YIPPEE!!