Saturday, June 28, 2008

So if you don't know, Charhead is at my house this weekend, and I also bought a longboard yesterday. It's absurdly fun. That's like all we've been doing the whole weekend is longboarding around. And we've got this thing worked out where one person will skate a ways, then launch the board behind him, and the other guy will run and jump on and pass him, then launch the board back. Collaboration! Most of our splattering chaos will be posted by way of video stuffs, but I must tell the tale of one adventure which was sadly not caught on film. *ahem*

We were driving along, and there was a pickup coming our way in the neighboring lane...and there was parallel parking on his side. Well suddenly this lady FLEW backwards out of her parking spot (like she backed up really really fast) and apparently she didn't look behind her 'cause she nailed the back of the pickup and knocked his bed into our lane, so I like swerved around him, and there was this huge explosion of glass and pieces and stuff, it was weird. We fled the scene because I didn't actually realize we were supposed to pose as witnesses at the time. Oops. >_>

I just wish we'd filmed it. =(


rosanne said...

you didn't stay as a witness?!?!?!?!! isn't that like, ILLEGAL?! geeeeeeeeeeez

Amelia said...

now you're a fugitive!

you'd better split, man.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Ehh, they can't recognize us. I mean, it was in my beat up old white chimo van, and Charlie had a pink hat on, and we'd been boarding around that area all day long, but still! XD