Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad news from the battle front, heroes. I've heard that Jon Favreau wanted to push the release date for Iron Man 2 back a bit so they could have more time to work on it and actually make it Marvel f*red him. Thus, Iron Man 2 is probably going to s*ck.

There's also some weird news. I guess Thor is back in action, and Ant Man is also coming out? Like....why Ant Man? o_O




Father Cory said...

What the flames?

I hate people sometimes.

shark like a fox said...

ooohhhh LAME. I know the only Jon Favreau movie you've probably ever seen (besides Iron Man) is Elf, but I've seen like, 39478324 of that guy's movies, and trust me, you can't imitate his style. Iron Man 2 will be nothing like the first one if he's out of the picture.

shark like a fox said...

Also, I'm dragging Ben to see Hulk.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Timmy Tim Tim Tim says he's heard some good things about Hulk. I look forward to seeing it.

PassiveAssassin said...

Are you taking Mom? Seems like she would be interested, since it really reflects on her.