Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Introducing Charlton Heston's Gun Vault. This guy is hardcore!! I hope he never decides to go modern-day Punisher or else drug lords beware!


It's so beautiful.

EDIT: HAHAHAHA!! I just lit a f*recracker on a big ant pile and blew them all over the place. XD I hope I don't have ant guts on me.


Elyse said...

Well we can rest easy since he's dead.

Also, one day... Or night. Yes, in the night.. Some Indiana Jones (IV) style ants are going to come and eat you alive, just for all of the pain you've inflicted on them.

I hope you're prepared.

Father Cory said...

Yeah. I was totally going to say that. He definitely won't be going postal anytime soon...'cause unless he zombifies, there's no whay.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

That's even worse! An undead Punisher can't be killed!