Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today I got a bunch of stuff out of my room, ready to send it away for all eternity. Gerie's probably going to come over tomorrow and we're going to repaint the p*rple room and the swimming pool green hallway too. Hopefully they'll look somewhat normal now. =P

Anyway, so by the time this weekend is over, most of my stuff should be gonzo. Dustin's got my computer, and next time I see Hugh, I'll give him my guitar. Andrew gets the melodica. One nice thing is, for now at least, if I ever move out, I won't have much packing to do, heh.

Also, I've got a helmet, kneepads, and slide gloves coming, and they should be here within the week. Then by next weekend, I'm hoping to have a beautiful new longboard skateboard which will be ridiculously fun, I'm sure. And I CAN'T WAIT!! =D
(I know, I know, buying new stuff right after getting rid of everything, but I asked and I think a skateboard is okay, lol)


rosanne said...

wait so..WHY are you getting rid of everything??

Sir Brian The Manly said...

As an act of worship to the Lord, and to kind of affirm that I really do love the Lord more than I love possessions, and for the experience of it, and to rid myself of distractions, and to see where the Lord will take me next.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

...I don't like to hold on to material things either. Everything goes away eventually and I don't want to be attached to it when it does.