Tuesday, July 24, 2007

(Please read this with a British announcer/narrator voice)
It's Round 3 of Battle of Teh Bloggers™ and this is the third Command Thee. If you are uninformed of this latest Battle, please go read this post.

For this 3rd Command Thee, Cory said, "Brian, I command thee to take a picture of yourself in massive agony from eating through an orange…without peeling it!"

And so I present to you...this:

Furthermore, here is a post-production bonus feature, in which I was asking a donut head man who was going to kill him...

And that brings us to Command Thee #04!! (please read this with a Shakespearian WWE wrestler voice...or Mighty Thor The God of Thunder will work too)
CORY: I command thee to take a picture of thyself brushing thy teeth in a tree!! (and make it look like you do it all the time, please)


Father Cory said...

Ah good XD