Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh my GOODNESS!!! I can't even tell you how cool Project 86 was live!! Andrew Schwab came walking out with his Team Black bandana and hoodie, the music started, and all h*ck broke loose! It was worse than MxPx. I finally had to leave the crowd because I was spending more time trying to stay on my feet than watching the show and I thought that was lame, heheh. So I still ended up with an excellent front row view, but it was right in front of the speakers so it was ubercrazy-loud. So awesome though. He spent most of the concert singing right up at the edge of the crowd, reaching out to people and stuff, which was cool. His voice just amazes me. His screams were glorious. It was spectacular.

Red was super cool too, but they were pretty creepy looking, heh. They all had makeup stuff, but the lead singer had these black paint streaks across his eyes like sunglasses, and as he got hot, these black makeup streams ran down like tears. Like: ╥_╥ It was weird, heh. They were really good though.

As were Day of F*re, whom I'd never heard before. They were surprisingly good.

Then I saw Kutless and they were really good, but I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention since they aren't my favorite.

The night ended with Newsboys. I've never much cared for Newsboys, but boy do they do some super cool performance stuff! Brilliant lighting and things, and they did their famous side-ways spinning drum platform thing towards the end. That never gets old, man.

I'm not going tomorrow. Family Force 5 won't make it, TFK supposedly isn't that great live, I wouldn't mind seeing House of Heroes and Disciple, but I don't really know any of their songs, David Crowder Band is cool but...I just don't find it worth another $41+ AND I'd also like to hang out with my brother. So yep! I've had enough fun for the week. ^_^

OH YEAH!! And I bought a SWEET Family Force 5 shirt. I'll post a picture later. ;)


Father Cory said...


I wish I could have gone T_T

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Dude, if you ever get the chance to see a P86 concert, doooooo iiiiit! It's totally worth it.

Or Skillet. ^_^

Father Cory said...

I'm going with you next year. For reals.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

That'd be sweet man, I'm not gonna lie. ;)

I hope Project gets invited back next year, lol. I think Andrew said they were invited long ago and their crowd was all chaotic so I guess it was quite a while before they were invited back, which was last year. The crowd was crazy then too, and this year...still insane. ^_^