Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charlie can always use more media attention.

9:47 PM Charlie: I feel like I should have another civilized conversation with you.
Anything unusual about your left eyeball?
9:48 PM me: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Charlie: what's occupying your intestines right now?
are you my uncle?
so did you ever actually tell bethany I was hyperventilatory to hear how sick she was?
9:51 PM me: O_O
I forgot!!
Charlie: O_O_O_
me: I'll call her right now. I think she went to see harry potter
Charlie: ...
9:52 PM all right
does she still have malaria?
me: yes
Charlie: AIDS?
me: yes
Charlie: measles?
the other diseases?
me: yes and yes
9:53 PM there I told her, lol
Charlie: hm ok
sounds interesting
me: it's not
Charlie: I've been hyperventilating the entire time
me: oh man!
9:54 PM Charlie: so I stopped breathing now.
I'm sick of breathing so much.
me: are you turning colors?
I probably spelled that wrong
9:55 PM me: well I have a hard time spelling when I'm not breathing
Charlie: ok I breathed again
pronounced "breath - d"
or whatever
9:56 PM me: got it. ;)
9:57 PM Charlie: jacob still can't come over here T_T
I'm not actually crying like that, in case you were wondering
9:58 PM more like
or something
I can't make it look good
me: you're crying double-tears out one eye?
Charlie: oooh
me: oh wait, they're just branching out
Charlie: more like Y_Y
shooting up
9:59 PM me: O_O
wow those are some serious tears, man
Charlie: yep
well that's because I'm hanging upside down in my room
my dad got all mad at me... [sighs dreamily]
10:00 PM me: lol that's always fun
10:02 PM did you die?
10:03 PM I thought so.
Charlie: almost
me: is the blood all drained to your head yet?
Charlie: why would it drain down?
10:04 PM me: oh
is the blood all drained up to your head yet?
Charlie: ?
me: hi
10:05 PM Charlie: I'm confused now, mister
me: because you're hanging upside-down, silly!
Charlie: ok, but why would it go to my head if I'm hanging upside-down?
weird moses lake people
10:06 PM it's my feet that are bulging right now
I forgot to tell you about my dad's antigravity pads
we're selling them at $5 each
10:08 PM me: O_O
what do they doooooo?
Charlie: they just sort of... reverse gravity
it's pretty simple actually
10:09 PM just put it under bethany's bed to scare her
or something
me: Wow!
How much can they reverse?
Like would the revers a dude that weighs 9,000 pounds?
Charlie: ...
you mean bethany?
10:10 PM o_O
what's going on here...
me: if she's a 9,000 pound dude, then yes.
Charlie: oh...
10:11 PM well I said you should use it on bethany, then you asked if it would work on a 9,000 pound dude
so I thought you were just checking to see if my idea would work
you amazing person.
me: maybe she has a 9,000 pounds male bed, which I happen to refer to as dude. >_>
10:12 PM Charlie: o_O_o_O_o
even weirder?
feel free to quote some of this conversation on your blog
but don't put too much media attention on me ¬_¬
10:13 PM me: okay. ;)
10:15 PM Charlie: jacob complimented my vocalizations.
me: Oooooooooooo
Charlie: ...
me: you have such a pwetty voice, charlie. XD
10:16 PM Charlie: ...
not like that... but sure
10:17 PM me: lol


Father Cory said...

Holy what the where.