Monday, July 09, 2007


EDIT: Okay, in honor of my mother, I shall tell a Hulk story! I went outside our store one day and looked across the street at the post office. The first thing I noticed was that one of their pillars was all cracked and they had some scaffolding stuff holding it all up, so I went in and asked mom if she'd seen it. She said yes and then confessed that some guy had rudely walked by when she was going to the post office and told her that she was a little bow-legged, but not too bad. She obviously was offended at such a remark, turned into her green self, picked the guy up with one hand, and threw him (gently) 8 feet across the sidewalk and into the pillar. Fortunately, she turned back to normal and when the man (who had gone into shock) tried explaining what happened to the paramedics and police (and post office people) he said a green monster attacked him! Which was true, but everybody thought he was loony, heh. Anyway, here's the pillar. She didn't even throw him very hard, but man...Don't make her mad!


Father Cory said...

FIMg an foMAG!!!!!@ hapEY BIRtDhaY To UR MOHm teH hLUHK!!!1112#@%

jay logan said... glad my moms not the hulk,i make her mad to often.
well,happy birthday to your mom!:]