Friday, July 27, 2007

Creation was so great today!!!!

The first main band we saw was Emery, and they were so good. Their keyboard guy was out of control! He was super intense about everything, he'd grab his little synthesizer and throw it in the air and swing it around, he'd run around the stage, jumping off speakers and the drum set, and he was just all over the place! He did a bunch of really great screams too, putting everything he had into it.

So then we went and saw Everyday Sunday since there was nothing else to do, and they surprised us. Not bad, not bad. Their bassist looks like a 15 year old though. =)

...Then MxPx came out, and Andrew and I got right in the midst of the crowd, knowing full well what was coming....
That was that MOST chaotic crowd I have EVER BEEN IN!! Ooooh my goodness! They guard guys had made it very very clear beforehand that there was to be no crowd surfing, moshing, shoving, or the like...just jump up and down and everything will be fine. Too bad for them, as soon as the first song started, there were like three people up in the air surfing across the crowd, half of which was being pushed over and trampled, lol. It went on like that through the whole concert, and they kept having to throw people out. I even got a fat lip out of the deal. ^_^ It was intense. I went up to Andrew and I was like, "WOO, I GOT A FAT LIP AT THE MXPX CONCERT!!" XD
(oh and on the last MxPx song, the guys from Everyday Sunday ran out and dove into the crowd too. It was funny.)

Then after fortunately missing Bar[f]low Girl, we watched...dundundun...SKILLET!!! Oh man, that concert was fantabulous! Those guys rock hard. They weren't all that energetic like running around, but they were really intense and John Cooper put everything he had into his singing and the occasional times when he'd just let out a really long shout. They did a bunch of sweet moves too, like guitar spins, playing solo bits behind the head, and windmill bass slapping. Awesome stuff.

Then there was some worship and stuff, and finally the night ended with Switchfoot. I'm not a big Switchfoot fan (in fact I don't like them very much), but they put on a surprisingly good show. They didn't do much as far as guitar action or things, but they did a lot of other creative things I'd never seen before. At one point in a song, they all just froze in mid-motion and held it silently for about a minute as the crowd cheered, and then finally they jumped back into motion and ended the song. That was cool. Also, there was one time when the singer sceamed into his guitar pickups, looped the sound, and tweaked it. It was sweet! Sounded like something Radiohead would do, heh. He also grabbed one of the drummer's cymbal stands and swung it around in circles beating on it. XD Finally at the end of the concert, he jumped into the crowd and hung out there for a while, and he was like, "on the count of three, everybody take a picture!" and on three, the entire crowd lit up with flashes. It looked super cool.

I'm am soooo worn out though. I don't even know if I'll be able to move tomorrow, but I'll have to FORCE myself because I'll be seeing Project 86 and Red!! =D =D
Awww, what a splendid week. ^_^

...oh and Andrew and I both got pictures. I'll post them when I finally get them. Now please excuse me as I wash 300 different people's sweat off me (GROSS), and then crawl into my bed and die. ^_^


Father Cory said...


At the last concert I went to, Switchfoot played, and they did all that stuff (except for the picture), it was pretty intense.


Jesta said...


Ashlily said...

......i am so insanely jealous of you right now.this is so not cool.i miss the cornerstone pits so bad.*sniffle* however i do not miss the C-stone 300-other-people's-sweats.specially since the showers were broken for 3 days.*Shivers*

Elyse said...

Did you get MXPX's autographs with my picture?

.... ;)