Friday, July 13, 2007

I drew this tonight. I was thinking about all the superheroes I've mentally created and thought maybe I should put them in lame costumes, at least at the beginning of their careers. Kind of like Peter's Amazing Bag-Man costume when he lost his spidey threads. I mean, if I got superpowers right now, I would NOT be able to sew myself a sweet looking costume, so why should my heroes be able to? (except for Lord Thimble of course.) So instead, I'll probably give them something ordinary like this until they get a better set of duds.

(I don't really have a super dude called Lord Thimble, don't worry. ^_^ )


Father Cory said...

Um...Lord Thimble?

I like it XD

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Jay Logan said...

wow,lame coustume,cool art work.
i agree though,i cant sew worth crap.and if i got super powers i wouldnt b all,'mom,can u so me a sweet looking coustume so i can go get beat up down town while i save the world?i might need a ride...'
she wouldnt go for it.