Sunday, May 06, 2007


Memories from the quizmeet...
  • Amber
  • Vantage horses up close and personal
  • Ex-quizzers gone wild
  • Hitting on Michelle Hunt continually until we got to the church and I saw Amber XD
  • Michelle getting violently sick & throwing up all night after I'd been hitting on her....uhoh
  • Seeing Mesilla
  • Seeing Kaarin for about 3 seconds.
  • Amber
  • The "Candy mountain, charliiieeee" movie *shudder*
  • Playing Frisbee and leaping through the air and tumbling across the grass for every other catch. My pants were so grass-stained.
  • Andrew and Michelle being the only seniors this year. o_O
  • Charlie being the only guy going to Internationals. In other words: "Charlie's Angels" =)
  • Amber and Kaitie actually inviting me/us to lunch. Beauty.
  • My magnetic eating utensils at Red Robin.
  • Amber
  • Wut up, girl, my name's Brian.
  • Ben getting a girl to be all up ons simply by ordering a frappuccino.
  • The mexican low-rider that squeaked like old bed springs
  • Almost dying a couple times on the way over.
  • Ben's sexy voice
  • King Scrub (hadn't played that in forever!)
  • Amber
  • Ben's Cello Guitar™
  • All the magical things at Guitar Center
  • Amber

So all in all, it was a pretty girl...I mean pretty good quizmeet. Right now I Amberning...I mean I am burning to go so Siper-Mans teh 3rd. I haven't seen it yet. I neeeeed to. -_-


Jesta said...

Not gonna lie, the Charlie the Unicorn movie is whacked.

Jesta said...

Also the epic pictures on the horse are


Cory said...

dudekri, I wasn't there.

Cory said...

pluskri, i saw mannips.

Sir Brian The Manly said...



You'll be here eventually, don't worry.

Kaits said...

Actually, Charlie isn't on the team anymore. I am.

That unicorn this is scary. O.o

rosanne said...

Do you mean to say you had never seen charlie the unicorn anymore? I mean, I thought YOU of all people...

My brother is too cool for the team. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Someone's obsessed.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Kaits: Oh man, he abandoned his one chance to be Ben Talbot.

Rosanne: Nobody's perfect I guess. *sigh*

Amber: I uhhh....hi. =)