Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm not gonna lie, dude, that last one might've been the strangest post I've made yet. Sometimes I wonder about myself. o_O

Moving on.

There is a cricket in my room and it's REALLY loud and REALLY annoying. [forbecca]anNOYing.[/forbecca] I may spray some raid in there tonight because I'm afraid I'll be watching a movie in the dark sometime and he'll jump into my lap and scare the (insert something funny here) out of me. Also, Kristen and I were watching a movie on my computer, and we heard something crash out in the living room, so I went and looked but nothing was there. Further proof that this house is haunted.



Elyse said...

CWEEEEEPY. Dude, if I had a cricket in my room, I would have my Dad kill it (my brother wouldn't kill it, he would just laugh at my misfortune)and if we couldn't find it to kill it I would sleep on the couch.

No way I'd sleep in a room with a creepy bug, it could crawl all over me during the night!!!! Ew.

Father Cory said...

I'm not gonna lie...

*cry* *emotion*

Sir Brian The Manly said...

sometimes it slips out. -_-