Thursday, May 31, 2007


Elyse: Do kill yourself Brian.

Man... =\
I suppose I should say something(s) before I go though, eh?

  • Cory, you've been a pwnin' friend. Keep on pwnin', and keep on loving the Lord. (you hosehead)
  • Darren, you're practically my doppelganger and I happen to really like myself, so I happen to really like you. ...AND your wife AND your daughter
  • Faith, you're a truly amazing sister-in-law and I greatly admire your skills at art, and at being a mom and a wife.
  • Kristen, you're my 1st favorite sister and you're a lot of fun. You're son is AMAZING. I love him.
  • Bethany, you're also my 1st favorite sister and you're a lot of fun too. You don't have a son but if you ever do, I'm sure he'll be AMAZING and I'll love him.
  • My mom The Hulk, I couldn't ask for a more patient or loving mother. Even if you do smash our house everytime you get mad.
  • My dad The Thing, I couldn't ask for a more wise and loving dad. I admire the fact that you can lift over 5 tons.
  • Manservant, thanks for repairing the house so much. Take care of Jazzy-mina for me.
  • Jazz, you're the best dog ever.
  • Brianrietta, I wish things could've worked out better for us. I'm sorry for all the times I was mean to you. =(
  • zAny, you taught me a million bajillion wonderful things about life and I am grateful for our friendship. You're awesome.
  • Mel, you have glitter on your face. You're a lot of fun and a nice girl.
  • Hugh, we've done a lot of crazy things together and it was all super great. You're an excellent friend.
  • Jacob, you may suck at Call of Duty, but you don't suck at being one cool hoser. You so totally rock, dude.
  • Josiah, Trevz0r, Dustin, Michael, Nick, Andrew, Chris, Robert, Greg, Ben, and Pete don't usually read this as far as I know, but they're all awesome too.
  • Kaarin, I really enjoyed hanging out with you and being weird. It's been fun.
  • Jesta Flash, you're too smart! You keep on pwnin' too.
  • Amber, I've always admired you. Just keep on loving the Lord.
  • becca, you too.
  • kaitie, you too.
  • Monerz, I hope you conquer the world someday. NOT.
  • Cydney, you've been a lot of fun too. You're super-cool.
  • Jay, I don't really know you, but a cousin of Wolverine is a friend of mine!
  • Chargar, you're weird. But you're cool. Glad I had a chance to be weird with you. Too bad we never recorded together.
  • And Elyse, this is ALL YOUR FAULT FOR MAKING ONE STUPID TYPO!!! But I still like you. Don't break your leg anymore. ;)
Fairwell, everybody! I'm going away now*! Goodbye!

*to volleyball class.


Elyse said...

lol. SORRY!

jay logan said...

if everyone who ever knew me had to sum me up in one word,it be this:

Hugh said...

dude can i have your hard drives? i need the space, oh and your tablet too, i need to improve my drawing skills.

Father Cory said...

*cry* *emotion*