Monday, May 21, 2007

As Bethany and I were driving home today, I looked up ahead and saw police lights and hugh black billowing smoke. We got closer and saw that it was because there was a car on f*re! So as we drove by, Bethany whipped out her cell phone and snapped this picture. It's not something you see every day. =)

(click for full-size, as usual)

The huge orange flames were awesome though. Way more majestic than watching it in a movie.

(oh and one interesting thing to point out...that green building back there is a car wash. I wonder why nobody threw in a few quarters to douse the car. ^_^ )


Father Cory said...

Did Siper-Mans show up and save the people?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Ummmm...sadly no, they had to get ambulanced. I think Sipey must've been...errr....out of town.

Father Cory said...

Sipey! To what small shore hast thou flowned?

Spider-Man said...

I'm afraid I teamed up with the Fantastic Four today; we were stopping The Puppet Master from taking over nearly all of Seattle...I am very sorry that I was not here for the burning car people when they needed me. Like my Uncle Ben once told me, "With great power, comes great responsibility"™ and I take that saying very seriously. Unfortunately I'm not omnipresent, and I just don't have the power of Thanos. I do what I can, though.

Just remember kids: Never give up, brush your teeth, and don't do drugs!

*swings off*

Jay Logan said...

did u draw that?or do i have to see the eveil eye doctor again?(well,technically its his little machine that puffs air in ur eyes thats eveil..but..)

they couldnt use the carwash because that would've been to easy!!:D

Father Cory said...

Siper-Mans spelled his name wrong O.o