Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have to make a post because I'm waiting for Volleyball class to start and I have nothing else to do.


I wasn't sure if it was anti-climactic or anti-climatic, so I looked it up and found out that it's either way. Now I have to say choose one. Wah!

If I went to the theater and watched Fantastic Four 2, and found out that the Galactus rumor was something they "intentionally" let slip out, when actually they really DID make Galactus the large, blue and purple way he's supposed to be, it would be the greatest thing since Lori's announcement about Cory being a hottie.

That was one long sentence.

I would watch this upside-down.

My mom said she just got this phone call:
Hi...is there a mexican guy there? With a green top? And white shoes?
Okay, bye.


Father Cory said...

2. lawl, Fantastic Four Two. That's like...F42. Like someone's stuttering... F-f-f-f-forty two.
3. She said that about me?
4. Why upside down?
6. I skipped 5.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

1. !!
2. Two nights ago, I was watching Jet Li's The One with my friends and I was like, "If he made a sequal, would it be The Two, or The One 2?" Josiah said it'd be The One Two and it would be a boxing movie.
3. I made that up. Lo siento.
4. I like to read Nancy Drew upside-down.
7. I skipped 6 which skipped 5.

Elyse said...

One time I was asked if I thought Cory was hot....