Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow......Heath Ledger died..

...perhaps being the Joker went to his head. Either that or playing a g*y guy in Brokeback. I'd want to die too. Pretty sad though, eh. =\


Ben & Kristen said...

only a year or two older than me. crazy. drugs'll do ya.

Elyse said...


HOLY MACKEREL. I totally just called Mary and Caroline to tell them, but they didn't pick up.. But when they find out.. Oh man.. They will weep.

That's so sad!!! He has a little girl too... Life is certainly odd. =/

Father Cory said...

It's always sad to hear about stories like this because of how many kids I know are doing drugs or know people doing drugs. The realities of the devastation are abundant, I wish they could just get it.