Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lets see...what to talk about. Well today while we were washing dishes, Bethany got a tablespoon of dishwater and was about to say "Incoming enemy invasion!" and dump it into my sink, but I leaned down and drank it before she could. I showed HER!

(Who knew nuclear missiles taste like Dawn dish detergent? How strange.)

But other than that, and mom spilling the mop bucket on the carpet, and me learning a Decemberists song on the guitar, and wearing Bethany's jewelry, and eating the giantest messiest double-bacon-cheeseburger of all time, and approaching the stressed out meter at Lunch hour, and drinking a sci-fi green kiwi Italian Soda, and having to wear my wedding pants to work because I accidentally washed the wrong pair, and being told I sound like Kurt Cobain, it hasn't been a very eventful day.


Elyse said...

Do you know that soap is poisonous for you? Because if you do... You have SERIOUS issues and you need help.

And I must say, Brian, I respect you musically.. You like P-86 and yet you also play stuff from the Decemberists.

There's this guy in my Spanish class that likes Incubus and Pink Floyd and that's probably as far as his musical tastes vary... It's quite sad.

Also, my day was pretty much just not as interesting as yours. =/

Elyse said...

I respect you musically, but in no other area... XD

That sounds so horrible! =P

shark like a fox said...

you kids need hobbies

Alex Emoson said...

ya your prty weird not gonna lie.

Jaye Logan said...

what does dishwashing soap taste like ayways?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Nuclear missiles, of course. ;)