Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thus far, I've had an old original DC Talk song, a very heavy Norma Jean song, and an old black gospel song, running through my head all morning.

It's pretty weird. o_0


Elyse said...

haha.. Ah, good ole DC Talk... Sometimes I pull out the CDs and listen to them.

"Cause I'm free, Free at Last, free
From my past, free from sin, and I'm free
And down on my knees when my life passed me by
And I ain't, no I ain't going back again

F R to the E E
L A to the S T "

hahaha... Excellent.. =P

Sir Brian The Manly said...

The sad(der) part is, the song in my head was even before the Free At Last album AND the Nu Thang album. It was from their self titled one. Sooooo terrible. >_<

Elyse said...


shark like a fox said...

...when dee-cee TAWKSSS...

ba da dup dah dah something something...