Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brian's Music Awards

Greatest Band: Project 86

Greatest "Band": Decaying Lawn

Greatest Song: Tie --> "When I Remember" by Blindside & "Moths To Flame" by Thrice

Greatest Album: "Vheissu" (Thrice)

Greatest "Album": "Fury of The Doorknobs" (Decaying Lawn)

Greatest Live Performances: Muse

Most Emotionally Adventurous Album: Tie --> "The Great Depression" by Blindside & "Truthless Heroes" by Project 86

Most Versatile Voice: Andrew Schwab (Project 86)

Interestingest Voice: John Cooper (Skillet)

Best Screamer Voice: Josh Scogin (Norma Jean's "Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child" and The Chariot)

Worst Screamer Voice: Brad Norris

Most Impressive Music Video: Typical by Mute Math

Most Poser Band: Den U Ma (aka DUM)

Worst Band Name: Tie --> Den U Ma (aka DUM) & Group 1 Crew & Demon Hunter

Funniest Band: Showbread

Best Instrumental Song: "Call of Ktulu" by Metallica

Best Guitar Distortion: Family Force 5

Best Lyrics: mewithoutYou

That's all for now, gents! *dashes off*