Tuesday, October 30, 2007

mewithoutYou was very very great to watch and played super well, but they only did a few songs, unfortunately. I would love to watch them perform an entire concert. Thrice was amazing as well. They weren't as entertaining to watch (aside from lights and stuff) but their music was very solid and very passionate and intense. They played quite a bit longer but I'd love to see a full concert from them too. If they had played a couple of my favorite songs I probably would've been in tears, they were so good, heheh. And Brand New was really good, but I'd only heard like one of their songs, so it was kind of hard to stand through 2 hours of stuff I'd never heard and wasn't aaallll that enthusiastic about. But oh well. Excellent shows all around. Andrew will probably have pictures up soon and I'll post them.