Monday, October 22, 2007

I rigged up the most ghetto cymbal stand yesterday. I used a camera tripod, and a wooden toy top, which I placed in the verticalized tripod handle.

And here is what they sound like! =D


Elyse said...


We decided that "Fallen Leaves" was actually "Fall Elyse" because that cd came out soon after my fall.... So on the family video Kristy made for last year she had that song playing while footage of my time as a gimp played. And every time he sang, "FALLEN LEAVES" Kristy flashed "FALL ELYSE."

Yeah.... I know you're jealous that there aren't any Billy Talent song titles that rhyme with your name... Be jealous.

And weep.

Oh aaaaaaaaaand did you figure out the music for the drums or did you find it?

Father Cory said...


I honestly cannot stop laughing XD

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Elyse: *weeps* T_T
And I was just making up random drum beats, lol. I highly doubt any of those were in the actual songs. I'm a poser. =P

Reverend: XD