Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cory and I had a potry writting on Tia's blog. The results were....messy. Translations have been provided for those who can't speak newbie. (Caution: Translated poetry might not rhyme as well, or at all.)

lik3 i'M s33z t3h n0 lITez aDN i TinK mY haErt iT f4llz cuz i dOEsNt haz n0tin' but blaksn3ss!!
tehn i call teh technishun mans adn he say 2 puhs teh powerz buton on my comp00ter. >_< -Brian Bridges

I don't see any lights and I think my heart falls because it doesn't have anything but blackness!!
Then I call the technician man and he says to push the power button on my computer.

i R t3h JAebrywok
I lievz N teh z00
i <3 L1T7le puPeiz
anD i <3 U 2!!
-Cory Miller

I am the Jabberwock
I live in the zoo
I love little puppies
And I love you too!!

1n t3h wher i coms fr0m th3rz coldness we haves
adn snows r teh coverign t3h lands
d0 u nos were i live im a n00bie so
duh i lives in iecland!

Where I come from, all we have is cold
And snow that covers the lands
Do you know where I live? I'm a newbie so
Duh, I live in Iceland!


I love poetry.

ti4na l13k ur t3h s0 ogm taht wehn i see u in teh pitcuez i thikn im l0okign at t3h rozes!
sh4l i comaer u 2 a iecladnic d4y??
k ur teres l0ts 0f blubr eatign adn itz c0ldz.
...k bad exapmle. >_<

Tia, you're so "oh my goodness" that when I see you in the pictures, I think I'm looking at the roses!
Shall I compare you to an Icelandic day?
Okay, there is lots of blubber eating and it's cold.
...okay, bad example.

i <3 a ListENin 2 EmrEy
an R3d aDn BilDNAside
cUZ w1n i Lisetn 2 teHm
teHy taEks m3 4 a RideZ!!1

I love listening to Emery
And Red and Blindside
'Cause when I listen to them
They take me for a ride!

h0w longz tilL iz t3h bw4in n0t g01ng 2 B awSUM???
iN t3h wurdz oF 4 po3t'z r4viN...n#V3Rm0eR!!!!11

How long until Brian is no longer awesome?
In the words of a poet's Raven, "Nevermore!"

O l1t3 0f mY liEf,
O l1t=3 oF MY lI3f,
t3h u shienz so br1t3
ADN U r t3h b3uafitul sIeTZ
h0w canZ i t3lL u
tahT u r juts s0 sUP3r
i luvz u 4-evr my dU4l-src33n c0mpuTr3

Oh light of my life,
Oh light of my life,
You shine so bright
And you are a beautiful site
How can I tell you
That you are just so super
I love you forever, my dual-screen computer.

i <3'd u 4 2 l0nG
t3Hn S0m73HinG W3n7 2 wr0nG
u MaeD m3 kR1
i Hop3s u dEI
cUZ i r emOZ!!!!!!11111
...taHt wuZ 2 mI fL4sh Dr1vE.

I loved you for too long
Then something went too wrong
You made me cry
I hope you die
'Cause I am emo!!
...That was to my flash drive.

im seez u stadn1gn tehr3 atcully m0r3 l1kez oN ur b3lLi3
adn i nos u hungwy
but i d0ezt'n h4S w4rusl f00dz
s0 u c4N haz g3rn0la bra
herz u g0 k d00dz
adn u sk4rr3d me i saysed AAHHHHH
adn use hav3z teh g3nr0la dats g00dz
but u h4z filpp3rsz n0t p4wz

I see you standing there, actually more like on your belly
And I know you are hungry
But I don't have walrus food
So you can have a granola bar
Here you go, okay dude
And you scared me; I said, "AAHHHH!"
And you have the granola, that's good
But you have flippers not paws

0fF w17h Ur he4dz!!!!111
w3ll tA3k 1t aLl B4cK an tEHn Sum
n3v3R aGIN, ofF wIT uR h34DZ!!11
weL cu7 0uT al taHtsz a H1NDr3cN3
b133Dz teH 0lD M4nZ
of WitT UR HAEDZ!!!11

Off with your head!!
We'll take it all back and then some
Never again, off with your head!!
We'll cut out all that's a hindrance!
Bleed the old man
Off with your head!!

w00t w00t u haz teh p0ts
t3h eihgtieth p0ts
tere'z l0tS adn loTz
t14naz iS s0 lukcy (adn h0tz)

Woot woot, you have the post!
The eighteenth post
There are lots and lots
Tia is so lucky (and hot)

0Mg u HietTed On TaieNA!?!?!@#$3455

k I lUR3v 2 p4LY GaITUr
AdN muIS1C iZ sW337
W1N i pAyl mUE1SC
iTZ A tR34T

Oh my goodness, you hit on Tia!?

Okay, I love to play guitar
And music is sweet
When I play music
It's a treat

cURsze wuT i d03z desreV3s tIhS 4!?
t3h mY m0m haz m3asERUd m3 bY t3h fr0tn doOr
adn i wuz SO suer taht i h4v3d gr3W
buts wh-3n i l0okDE i wuznt s1x tw0.

Curses, what have I done to deserve this!
My mom has measured me by the front door
And I was SO sure that I had grown
But when I looked I wasn't six two.

1 WuZ awATch1NG uHF
AnD I wUZ 34tInG ChIPZ
oN T3H cAPRETZ :((((

I was watching UHF
And I was eating chips
When I spilled
On the carpet

sp33kign 0f winz i wuz so amaezd
wehn i h4v3 s3e 0n myps*ec taht ouR m0vei wuz praizd
adn we wun teh c0ntets!! w00t w00t adn stuff!!
n0w i can h4s n3w l3g0z wichj i luffs!!

Speaking of win, I was so amazed
When I saw on Mysp*ce that our movie was praised
And we won the contest!! Woot woot and stuff!!
Now I can have new legos which I love!!

1 wUz ReLA1 Pru0D Uv BaR1N
w!N H3 w1N3D T3h cOtn3SZT
2 g3T FrE3 lEg0Z, h0Ly m4N
tEHY ReL1 r TH3 b3STZ!!!11

I was really proud of Brian
When he won the contest
To get free legos, holy man
They really are the best!

c0yr iz r1t3 yaaaahhhh

adn juts alw4tz rebemer
taht 1n d3c3bmeR
1f u w4ntz 2 gET sum 1 @ g1tf

taht teh bets taht c0rY nos
iz 2 g3T tehm l3g0z
cuz uv c0rs3 teir sprirtz wlLl l!fT!!1

Cory is right, yeah

And always remember
That in december
If you want to get someone a gift

That the best that Cory knows
Is to get them Legos
'Cause of course their spirits will lift!


shark like a fox said...

j00R p07rY suxx0rz
j00R b453 R b3l0nG 2 u5
1 l1k35 73h H41k00

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Bethany said...

when you defined this as "poetry" i almost cried.


Father Cory said...

Psh. This isn't poetry. This is potry.

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Bethany said...

this is what i strive to abolish!!