Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We considered buying a Wild Thing today, but it really wasn't as good a deal so we bought a plainer, cheaper, yet better one. Then we went out and played LUMBERJACK all afternoon!! =D

We have a wireless Internet antenna on this lady's house but her trees were in the way, so dad and I took our new CHAINSAW!!! and dropped about 8 of them. Man, lugging those trees around had me beat. It was an entertaining job but that CHAINSAW!!! is not to be toyed with. It was cutting through those trees like butter.

And naturally there were a few times when I took some of the de-limbed trunk pieces and turned them into guns.
12:38 AM Bethany: oh my
did you ever grow up? ;)

And also naturally, throughout the day as I wielded the CHAINSAW!!! I kept thinking these two things: "Groovy." and "Hail To The King, Baby!" ...if only I'd had a sawed-off shotgun.



Elyse said...


Oh and did you wear flannel? It's esstential to being a lumberjack.

Jay Logan said...

brian with a chainsaw.
that's scary.O_O

rosanne said...

You considered buying ME!?

Do you really think you can just BUY me? sheesh. ;)

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Yeah Rosanne, you're such a wild thing. ;)

No, Elyse, I didn't...But I DID eat pancakes tonight at a restaurant called Bob's! =D

Jay: I don't get scary until the zombies come out. ^_^

jay logan said...