Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I made another song last night. ...a bit of a rap, actually, but more with voice acting rather than rapping. All music, lyrics, and voices were done by me. Click the title to download, of course.

Batman vs. The Joker

Joker - Harley, will you make me a sandwich, and uhhh...fetch my largest pop-gun. We're going to have some fun tonight
Harley - Sure t'ing, mistuh J.! Where we goin'?
Joker - We're going to town to pay Batman a visit! Say...be a dear and fetch my purple coat too, would you?
Harley - Anyt'ing for you, Puddin'!

Verse 01:
Joker - I've got a plan, a BRILLIANT plan
About how I can kill that pesky Batman!
He's ruined my life and all of my jokes
And it'd sure make me laugh to see Batty boy croak!

I'll lure him with bait (some poor sap to be sure)
And then tell him to meet me at a quarter to four
And when he shows up, I'll tell him, "You're through!
Who'll walk out of here, this girl, or you?
Surrender yourself or the weasle goes pop!"
Then I'll point to the rope that'll make the girl drop
To the floor far below where she'll splatter like pie
When it's thrown in the face of some innocent guy

Harley - Here's your stuff, Mr. J.!
Joker - Why thank you my dear,
Now lets go get our girl and wait for Bats to appear

Verse 02:
Batman - Alfred, tell my guests I can't make it tonight
Alfred - Very good sir, but why?
Batman - Bat signal's in the sky
It's probably the Joker with another mad scheme
Alfred - Well, Master Bruce...have a nice evening

Batman leaves and gets into mobile...
Later - Joker?
Gordon - AHH!! You scared Batman
Yes, it's him, go as fast as you can!
He's taken my daughter and left you this note
Joker echoing - Dear Batty, come quick or I cut the girl's throat!
Just kidding, you know that I'd never do that
Instead I'll drop her ten stories, KER-SPLAT!!
Batman - A quarter to four at the Gotham clock tower
Gordon - Batman, that leaves you with only about half an hour
Batman? Where'd you go? I hate it when he does that...

Verse 03:
Batman - Joker, show yourself now!
Joker - Batman it really IS you, holy cow
It's been a long time
Batman - A month and six days
Joker - Aww, so you really DID miss me, hurray!
Well come on up here and we'll catch up for a while
I've got some jokes that'll make even YOU smile!
*Door opens and Footsteps sound*
Harley - I can hear him on the stairs, he's coming this way!
Can I cut the girl now, can I please, Mr. J.?
Joker - Not yet, pumpkin.
Harley - Oh please say I can!
Joker - You're more impatient than a...
Batman - Joker...
Joker - Batman!
You're looking as depressing as ever
And you're 3 minutes late! But better late than never
So look who I've got, it's Gordy-Boy's daughter!
And you have to surrender now that I've got her
Because if you don't, my sweetie cuts the rope
And my suspended victim no longer has any hope
Harley - Can I cut it now, huh? Can I cut the rope, please?
Joker - No, Harley, I'm amazed at how impatient you can be!
Now as I was say...Batman? Where'd you go?
Harley - Look Mr. J.! He's untieing her ropes!

Verse 04:
Joker - Stop! Stop it, you'll spoil my fun!
Batman - There, you're free...now RUN!
Joker - No! Curse you Batman
Harley - Yeah!
I wanted to see the girl splat!
Batman - The Jokes over Joker, and here's the PUNCHline! *punch* *crash*
One that's sure to knock out even the Crown Prince of Crime
Harley - Well, gotta go!
Batman - You're coming with me
Harley - Oh gee, how lucky can one girl be?

*door slams*
Joker - Well here I am, back at home sweet home
Sitting in a room with padded walls, all alone...
I'll leave this place soon and rescue my beauty


Elyse said...

That made me laugh.

Father Cory said...





Quickly...what stuff did you use. I must reply with my own.

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Audacity (free off the internet) for editing and recording

Cheapo boomstick microphone for vocals

Keyboard for music

Random loop I found on the internet for drum beat

Batman The Animated Series for voice inspiration

My own mind, my keyboard, and wordpad for lyrics. ;)

Hugh said...

now take and cut clips from the show and match it to the song and put it up on youtube, haha