Monday, August 07, 2006

AHHH!! Andrew, that lucky hoser, got to see Project 86 live at Creation while I was camping! He was two rows back from the stage and he even got to talk to the lead singer and got his signature! Hot dang, I'm like 10 times jealous!


meeeeeee said...

what's a cold dang like? do you roast it over the fire to make it a hot dang?

also: did i tell you i most definately roasted PINEAPPLE rings?! It was so good, lol. (and grapes and apples but that wasn't as good. la pina era muy delicioso)

Kaits said...

CREATION!?!?!? I am so jealous of Andrew right now.

I got like 3 offers to go but something happened every time. Grrrrr.

Ooh, sorry for venting on your blog....

I'm so sorry for you.