Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying to fix your fading dyed hair with koolaid is hilarious! Although it doesn't appear to have worked very well. And I forgot it was on my hands, rubbed my eye, and started it on f*re. Oooohhh well. It was only like 20 cents at least. I'll just drink the next pack.

I have to house-sit a place tomorrow that was recently broken into but the guy says he just bought an AK-47 for me to use if it happens again while I'm there. ^_^


EDIT: AND Giraffes are really hard to draw! They're as weirdly shaped as people. >_<


Bendewd said...

sadly AK-47's in the state of Washington are legislated to only be semi automatic (don't ask me how i know this... id have to kill you... with my ak-47). To make him happy you should take it apart and remove the regulator pin and wala! you now have a gun that will cost you 20 bucks a second!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

If anybody tries to make me convert, I'll just shoot 'em!