Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I forgot I went to the Whit's End building in Colorado! Too much Mount Rushmore made me forget I suppose. ...or the fact that it wasn't that monumental. But it was still Whit's End!

I ought to be updating this more often. I can't be like the masses and sink into facebook oblivion. That's for the fat people. Comics are a lot of work, man. Like to create a whole graphic novel yourself would take approx. five hundred years. You couldn't even do it in a lifetime. That's why I admire guys like Hergé, Goscinny & Uderzo, and Doug TenNapel. And Alex Ross. Oh my goodness. I want to do it though. I shall become immortal.

I might get a new job. Flippity fwang! That'll be an adventure. I just can't STAND the people I work with!! Just kidding. Mom can't really offer me the hours I'd like right now. And I need school moneys!

Is there a word for the act of having done improv? 'Cause improved is already a word. Improv'd? "Jazz is supposed to be improv'd?"


K. H. said...

yes. "improvised." I have improvised. Or in the sense of comedy "I performed improvisational comedy" or perhaps " I did improv" if you prefer the speech of the people

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Oh I forgot all about improvised. I feel dumb! =D