Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To continue my superhero comic strip or start on my superhero graphic novel? Both are nigh-completely planned out and organized, but I don't suspect I can handle both right now. I'm think I'll continue the superhero comic strip due to the fact that it's "easier" (in some aspects), I already started it ages ago, and I'm not convinced I can draw well enough for a graphic novel. Not for the style I want anyway.

We're making a new menu for the café! This one features wraps, fancy burgers, pitas, additional sandwiches, and collateral damage! So remember to swing by The F*refly Café next week and try out our new foods! =D

I think this picture is beautiful.


christina (the dreamer) said...

graphic novel.
er... well... i dunno...

from what i can perceive from your blogs, you write more "comic strippy". (aka, you're more funny than serious)

then again... your poetry is kinda somber, maybe you could write a good graphic novel.

yeah. go for the graphic novel. it sounds cool.
i mean the word "graphic" is just hardcore.
and the word "novel" sounds smart.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Heh, well I'm aiming to do both, but I'm thinking about starting on the strip first just because I already started it...

...and if I can do it and keep it up, then maybe later I'll be more prepared to do the graphic novel(s). ^_^

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I made those in 2006. Looking back now, I see a lot of things I could improve, lol. The last three have so much contrast between solid blacks and whites it's really hard to tell what's going on. There are also some anatomy issues with some of the characters, lol. Ah well.

christina (the dreamer) said...

you're a great artist!
i look forward to the plans you have for them. how did you learn how to draw panels? i can't figure out how to make them at all.