Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tell me, lords and ladies, has any of this LOST rubbish been explained yet? I haven't been watching but I'm faintly curious.


Unincidentally, why is LOST supposed to be in all caps? Is it like LEGO?


shark like a fox said...

the Polar Bears are from the Dharma intitiative experiments.

Smoke Monster is controlled by Ben. we still dont know what it is or why.

teh Weirdo statues will be explained next season, according to producers.

You should go watch all this seasons episodes. They're trippy and so good.

Elyse said...

Also, the others killed all of the Dharma initiative people (not sure if you saw that episode or when that episode aired).

And pretty much everything else is still crazy.

shark like a fox said...

also Ben is a big fat liar and he's really the last living Dharma dude and he wasnt born on the island.

also he's having a war with Desmond's girlfriend's dad over control of the island that's apparently been going on for years.

Elyse said...

Also, the only not annoying people left on the island are Jin, Hurley, Aaron and Desmond. Everyone else needs to die. (Ooh! But I kind of like that physicist guy. Daniel something or other. He seems nice.)

Especially Locke, Sawyer and Kate. But you already knew that. I mean.. They make ME want to die. Ugh. SO dumb.

But it looks as though Locke will be around for a while because the island has chosen him to protect itself from Desmond's girlfriend's dad.