Monday, May 19, 2008

Hi! Here, have some events that took place at the camping trip this weekend:

  • Stuff!
  • Acquired a turtle but gave it to a lad of 13 or something.
  • Played hours of frisbee and got uber sore
  • Made $20 jumping in the cold river one morning
  • Played guitar
  • Played boardgames
  • Excellent devotion times
  • Shooted guns
  • Feared getting shot by little boys who swung the guns around
  • Petted a wittle Snakey
  • Kicked pinecones
  • Ate food
  • Yay!
ummm...the end.


Father Cory said...

I want a twenties :(

PassiveAssassin said...

Go jump in the lake, Cory.