Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I forgot to say HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO to my hardcore fans! Oh well.

This paragraph from Wikipedia makes me really want to play Earthbound. XD

Apple Kid

Apple Kid is a fat, dirty slob, but extremely intelligent and useful to Ness' quest. His first contribution to the quest is the Pencil Eraser (Octopus Eraser in Japan), which he makes in exchange for some food and $200.00. When Ness reaches Threed, he invents "zombie paper," which Ness and Paula use to capture the town's zombies. After Ness defeats Evil Mani Mani, and searches for a way to rescue Paula, he invents a machine that makes trout-flavored yogurt, which Ness gives to Pokey's maid Electra to bargain for access to the penthouse. He later goes to Dr. Andonuts's lab in order to build the Phase Distorter, which he concluded is needed to defeat Giygas. During his visit to Dr. Andonaut's lab, he also constructs the Eraser Eraser. Apple Kid also has a mouse assistant. However, since it has no name, it is called the No Name Mouse.

Anyway, Bethany and I watched Cloverfield yesterday. It was great! I mean it's all hand-held camera work, and the guy using the camera is annoying and he sucks at camera stuff, but the movie itself was really well-done. It really does look like some poser has a camera and tries to film the adventures he and his friends have with the monster. But yes...right when the movie ended, Bethany and I exchanged a few brief words and then promptly made this. We're so dumb. XD


Bethany said...

ugh...why did you have to put this on the internet?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I've asked myself the same question, and the only answer I can come up with is, so that the wax in the sink wasn't a waste of my time.

Father Cory said...

I was definitely just coming in here to comment on the wax on your arm :laugh:

Bethany said...

isn't it cool how whenever brian gets ahold of the camera suddenly all you can see is the ground of some inanimate object? >_<

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I'm a professional at being an amateur? >_>