Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I did my Command Thee pic, and I kind of hated it. I'll probably try again. Hi.

I'm being forced at the end of a large green fist tonight, to look into school stuff for Fall. Drrrrr. School. I want to play. =)

I finally had to charge my six keytar batteries the other day. They lasted a long time! Seriously...this instrument just keeps on astounding me. O_O

My keyboard is slowly dying though. Some of the keys randomly don't play at times. =(

I'm wearing a booze shirt. >_<

I shall soon have the entire Blindside album collection, minus like one old EP but I'll have all the songs from it, so really....everything. And soon all I will need is the first Project 86 album to own all of theirs. Beauty, eh?

That's all. Tune in next time for another exciting installment of the The Bwian Bwian Show!


Father Cory said...

Aw cwap. Well, better better than suk.

Elyse said...


Well at least you'll finally find out about school.

The booze shirt.. lol. I can't believe you are even wearing it.

Try and get oooon gmail tonight!!!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Actually I had to paint some wood today! I told you I'd wear it for painting. ;)