Thursday, August 16, 2007

Andrew and I made a punk song about Moses Lake last night and tonight. It's pretty great. We've just played it live though, no recordings. Sorry.

Pete and I got to talk for quite a few hours this week too. He's a cool hoser.

I worked at the fair serving ice cream for 5 hours today. It was...ack! But it's just warm-up for the restaurant next month. I cringe.
Going back tomorrow to work another 3 hours. Hrm.

FINALLY found a way to get the Mel Music Videos onto the computer. They'll be up on YouTube whenever Chris gets around to it, and sadly for us, I don't think he considers it as high a priority as we do. =P


Alfredo said...

Can I see the lyrics???

I'm trying to imagine you serving icecream and it's not working... I just end up laughing. Do you wear a funny hat? ;)

"Mel Music Videos"?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I'll send you the lyrics.

Hey! I happen to be a fantastic ice cream server! I was flipping the containers and twirling the spoons and swinging the trays and pouring the strawberries. Soon I'll be at about an Asian level of talent. (yeah right) ;)
...but no I didn't get a hat. Maybe at mom's restaurant I will.

The Mel Music Videos™. They're terrible, but they're classic. I'll explain later. ^_^

Father Cory said...